Plumbing History

Indoor Plumbing History Facts

Indoor plumbing plays an important role in every household nowadays. Unfortunately, the only time most people think of plumbing in Tyler, TX when they experience a problem.

However, have you ever stopped to think that toilets, sewer systems, and pipes were also used in ancient civilizations?

Brief History of Indoor Plumbing

Brief history of indoor plumbing

Plumbing was an idea that originated from the need of sanitation. Also, Proper waste disposal was something yet to be tackled.

This is where people figured out that there was a better method to deal with waste and distribute water.
The art of plumbing goes way back to the Indus Valley Civilization. This was as early as 2700 BC.

The Mesopotamians, Persians, and Greek were also gifted plumbers. In Greece, King Minos was the first to create water supply systems. They used clay tubes covered with glass. Also, they had a toilet wash and a canal to flood a storm sewer.

The Roman and Egyptian Invention

Romans first built public and private toiletThe Romans first built public and private toilets, sewage, and internal waterworks in 312 BC. The distribution system was designed to clean wastewater disposal as well as supply clean water.

Over the centuries, the Romans built hundreds of waterworks throughout the Roman Empire. Also, the first known latrines date back to the Roman Empire. The use of lead pipe inscriptions helped to prevent water theft.

Nevertheless, the Romanian Empire collapsed, and this also led to the fall of their plumbing glory days. Rome’s water supply stagnated for years after this collapse, and other countries also followed suit.

The Egyptians, on the other hand, developed copper pipes that were used to build sewage and irrigation systems. They also built elaborate bathrooms inside the pyramids as they believed that the dead deserved to have the same amenities just like the living.

The Qin Dynasties Hin China, Persia in the Middle East and the Maya used various forms of water heating, toilet water supply, and global plumbing cooling. Maya’s used porous limestone as a means to filter water.

Modern Plumbing Advances

Modern Plumbing advancesThanks to the ancient civilizations, you can now enjoy running water in your kitchen and even take a shower without having to worry. Some of the advances that have been made in modern plumbing include:

· Smart Toilets

You can now find smart toilets that can read your sugar levels as well as weight in your urine to provide health tips. Modern toilets can also mask bathroom noises with water jets meant to act as sound camouflage.

What’s more, you don’t need toilet paper with the new toilets thanks to waterjet technology. With just a wave of the hand, you can automatically close the toilet seat or flush the toilet.

· Cool Shower Technology

Back in the day, having a shower and a tub in the same place was considered cool. However, with recent advancements, you can now have a standalone tub specifically designed to suit your taste and needs.

Modern showers also come with LCD panels that allow you to control the water temperature and pressure. Furthermore, you can now enjoy singing in the shower, thanks to the inbuilt Bluetooth connectivity.

It’s amazing how much plumbing has evolved since the early years. Indoor plumbing started with the need to have sanitation and safety. This has been carried through to the modern homes, where you can now take pride in your beautiful showers, faucets, and bathrooms.