Summer Fun

Summer Activity Guide For The Water Conscious

Texas isn’t the kind of state that necessarily gets covered in snow in the winter, so when summer does arrive here, it’s not the huge seasonal change that it might be in other parts of the country.

The days are going to get longer, and the temperature may go up a little, but there are other bigger changes that the season brings.

For families with children, for example, the kids are now off for two months, and that means spending more quality time at home or possible plans for a vacation. This can mean more water consumption during the season as kids use the hose and sprinklers on occasion.

Of course, less frequent rainfall can also means you use your own home’s water supply more frequently as well. But there are a few things you can do during the season to help offset the heavier water usage.

Put A Cover On Your Pool

Put A Cover On Your Pool- summer fun activityIf you own a swimming pool, you already have a ready source of water based entertainment that, once filled, shouldn’t make big demands of your existing water supply.

But you can still do better, especially if you decide to get a cover for your pool and use it. When not in use, a covered pool loses far less water to evaporation in a dry environment, meaning that you don’t need to use as much water replenishing your levels.

You also save on maintenance as a covered pool doesn’t get contaminated by leaves from trees or droppings from birds.

Make A Toy Carwash

If you’ve got some vehicles for your children—or other toys—that can stand to get wet, a fun water-based activity that doesn’t use a lot of water is to create a mud pit and car wash.

Get two containers, one with dirt and water, and another with water, and let your children have fun running the toys through the mud.

The second phase is where they can restore the toys to a clean condition. Since it’s outdoors, they can make all the mess they like, and the toys themselves clean up easily. Whether it’s cars, dolls, or action figures, this can be quite a diverting activity for kids without demanding huge amounts of water.

Get A Rain Barrel In Your Yard

Rain Barrel in YardIf you’re planning on letting the kids have water fun in the yard, that’s no reason to let your water bills go up.

You can offset the need to use the hose and sprinklers more frequently by just having a rain barrel!

Plants can’t normally absorb the huge volumes of water that fall during a typical rainstorm, so much of it is lost before the plants can make use of it.

A rain barrel means gallons of free water. And while it’s not potable for cooking or drinking, it’s an excellent way to keep your plants hydrated without paying more on your water bill.