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Tyler, TX Tanked & Tankless Water Heater Services - Super Plumbers

One of the most vital plumbing components in your home is the water heater. Keeping it working efficiently and safely should be a top priority for homeowners. At Super Plumbers, we work with homeowners in Tyler, TX to make sure they have water heater service contractors available when they need it.

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Common Hot Water Heater Repairs

If you have ever had the hot water cut out on you in the middle of a shower, you understand the importance of fast, efficient water heater repair services. Some of the most common problems that impact these devices include:

  • Thermostat problems
  • Corroded wires
  • Physical damage such as dents or cracks that requires hot water tank repair service
  • Other electrical problems

When it comes to your hot water tank, Super Plumbers provides a wide range of service options including electric water heater service, gas water heater installation, and more.

Benefits of a Tankless Water Heater Installation

Tankless water heaters work by removing the need for a water tank and attaching directly to your plumbing. When hot water is requested at the tap, a series of high-efficiency heating elements turn on and heat the water. Some of the benefits of a tankless water heater system include:

  • Savings from not heating as much unnecessary water.
  • More space in your home for storage.
  • Unlimited hot water since you are no longer relying on a tank.

When to Invest In Water Heater Replacement Services

A traditional water heater will last up to 10-15 years in your home before it begins to lose efficiency. A tankless water heater unit lasts about 15-20 years. During that time, it’s common to require some repairs, but if you experience rising energy bills or frequent repairs on the unit, it may be time to consider water heater replacement services.

Installing a new water heater or investing in tankless water heater installation could save you hundreds or thousands of dollars in repair and energy bills over the years.

From repair to maintenance, look to our gas line experts for help! Expect around-the-clock service and competitive pricing.

Advantages of Working Together

Our technicians can provide the most honest and beneficial advice on water heater installation, maintenance, and repair services. We always give our honest opinion because we value our customers and want them to save money and time on repairs. We also include the following unique features to add further value to our work:

  • Trusted technicians
  • Competitive pricing

Save money, improve efficiency of your heating system with our professional water heater and tankless water heater installation and repair services. To book an appointment with an expert in Tyler, TX, call 903-630-6153 today.