Super Plumber

When You Need a Clean Water Solution, Trust a Plumbing Superhero for Amazing Results

Communities like Tyler, TX know that plumbers bring safe water to all communities, especially those affected by flooding and hurricanes. Having a strong plumbing infrastructure in place in your home is crucial at all times but especially important during times of crisis, when sewage can back up into drinking water systems and deposit viruses, bacteria, and parasites into your water sources.

Dirty water, perhaps backed up through clogged drains can soak your walls, floors, and carpet and result in the growth of toxic black mold. When this happens, it is time to call in a plumbing superhero to restore order and hygiene to your plumbing infrastructure.

Superhero Plumbers Prevent Health Issues Due to Unclean Water

Infection can be the result of drinking, bathing, washing in, or cooking with dirty water. Unclean water can cause all kinds of dangerous health issues that can even be fatal.

Stomach Pain Sick1. Water-borne parasites such as blood flukes and guinea worms are found in pools of standing water.

2. Sewage carries microbes that can cause severe illnesses such as giardiasis, cyclosporiasis, and amoebiasis.

3. Bacteria in sewage and stale water can cause poisoning by such bacteria as s botulism, cholera, E. coli, dysentery, salmonella, and typhoid fever.

4. Viral infections such as coronavirus, Hepatitis A, poliovirus, and SARS are also spread through dirty water and wet surfaces.

5. Algae infections that grow in water can enter through wounds in the skin and cause severe systemic illnesses.

Superhero plumbers can make sure that your drains are clean and that the pipes in your home are not leaking or creating still pools of water that can cause mosquito and rat infestations.

Your plumber can also help you deal with any mold or mildew growing in your home by addressing the source of moisture that is feeding it and allowing it to grow.

How Water Conservation Helps Prevent Disease and Mold

When you live in a damp, humid areas, it is important to aid plumbers by practicing proper water conservation. The reduced use of water helps prevent the development of all kinds of terrible health problems:

Water Conservation1. Using less water minimizes the amount of toxic mold and mildew that can grow because using less water reduces the chances of it taking hold and spreading.

2. The installation of low-flow toilets and showerheads reduces the risk of pipes bursting due to high water pressure.

3. Reducing the risk of water pooling due to leaks and attracting disease-bearing creatures such as harmful protozoa, mosquitos, and rats.

4. Low flow water is easier to purify through the use of a UV filter. Reducing your consumption of water is also good for the environment.

Instead of turning the tap on every time, you need water, you can find creative ways to recycle it, such as collecting rainwater in barrels and using it to water your plants.

Greywater that contains soap can be recycled and be thrown on the parts of your property where you need to kill invasive weeds or keep pests away.