4 Things You Shouldn’t Put Down Your Garbage Disposal

It seems that many people disagree about what can and cannot go down a garbage disposal. Some claim that eggshells will sharpen the blades, while others recommend ice cubes for that job. Here are four items that are generally considered to be bad for your garbage disposal and the pipes it connects to.

Egg Shells

As it turns out, eggshells can be pulverized into a consistency that’s small enough to pass into the pipes, but large enough to clog them up when they gather in clumps. So don’t toss those eggshells down the drain; grind up ice cubes to sharpen your blades if necessary.

a photo of greasy bacon in a frying banGrease

Grease should never go down the drain. As it cools and congeals, it forms a sticky, solid mass that even hot water won’t control. Any oil or grease that’s solid at room temperature should be put into a container and thrown away. Too much grease can cause real plumbing issues, especially if other food particles get caught in it and cause a clog.

Fibrous Foods

Some people say that foods containing long fibers, like celery, can get caught in the garbage disposal and cause problems as they wrap around the blades. Others claim onion skins and potato peelings do the same thing. Still, others say they have no problem putting these foods through their disposals, but you might want to err on the side of caution.


Non-food items shouldn’t go to disposal. Never put anything like rubber bands, wrappers, or other garbage down the drain. They belong in the trash can, not the pipes!

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