3 Things You Should Never Find in Your Toilet

There are many scary things in life, but your toilet shouldn’t be one of them. For some unlucky folks, their toilets became portals for frightening things to emerge from. Let’s take a light-hearted look at three times when people found things in their toilets that should NOT have been there.

A 9-Foot Python

Eric Rantzau of Australia got quite a scare when he went to use the bathroom, only to find a 9 foot carpet python curled up inside the bowl! Things only got creepier from there. After a snake handler was called, the pair deduced that the snake had entered the house through the drainpipe, and had been slithering around for days. It went undetected until it decided to make the toilet into its new habitat. Scary stuff!

A Bomb From World War II

an illustration of a bombNobody expects to find a live WWII-era bomb in their toilet, but police were called to an outhouse in Stockport, England, when someone reported a suspicious device. It turns out that the device was a bomb left over from the second World War! Police evacuated the neighborhood and detonated the bomb in a nearby park.

A Human Being

An unnamed man from Cape Town, South Africa, somehow managed to get himself stuck in a portable outdoor toilet. The man was folded up, with his backside wedged into the bowl, and his arms, legs, and head sticking out. Nobody knows exactly how he ended up that way, but it took police and good samaritans 40 minutes to free him!

Hopefully, you’ll never have bathroom woes of this magnitude. For any job, big or small, call us so that we can get it fixed ASAP!