Things to Avoid if You Have a Septic Tank

Although municipal sewer systems are becoming more and more common, there are many homes that still employ a septic tank. Septic tanks are a great way to achieve independence and live “off the grid”, but there are some things you should avoid putting down your drains in order to preserve the anaerobic environment that bacteria need to thrive and safely remove waste from your septic system.

Avoid Garbage Disposals

Garbage disposals can increase the amount of solids in your septic tank significantly. If your home has its own sewage system, the setbacks of a garbage disposal greatly outweigh their benefits. If you use a garbage disposal, a trash tank can be installed before your septic tank which can help eliminate this problem.

Don’t USeptic Tanks are placed under the ground and must be pumped regularly in order to continue working Excessive Amounts of Chemicals

Chlorine or other chemicals in excess can cause the chemistry in your septic tank to reach an ideal state, killing the necessary microbes that live in the septic tank and prevent an excessive accumulation of waste. Be sure not to use excessive chemicals, and avoid using large amounts of soap or other products (such as for laundry or dishes) at once.

Prevent Backflow from Water Conditioners

If you experience backflow from your water softener, sanitizer, or conditioner, this can also affect the chemistry of your septic tank, meaning you will have to pump and treat your tank.

Avoid Dirt and Foreign Objects

Any dirt can prevent your tank from draining and will increase the accumulation of solids in your tank. Muddy clothes should be dusted off before being placed in the wash in order to preserve the septic system.

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