Video Inspection: Quickly Identifying a Plumbing Problem

If your drains are backed up or your pipes are spewing water, it is clear that there’s a problem, but the exact cause and location of the problem can be a mystery. Now with the technology of video inspections, it is possible to precisely confirm the nature and location of a plumbing issue so that it can be remedied much more quickly than with traditional methods. The Super Plumbers team is highly experienced with video inspections of pipes and sewers so we can quickly and efficiently diagnose problems to save you time, money, mess, and frustration.

How is a video inspection conducted?

A video inspection is completed with a small, high quality video camera that is snaked through pipes or sewers that are suspected to be causing the issue. The footage is relayed to our team of expert plumbers that are trained to observe even the slightest signs of what might be causing issues in your system. Possible issues that a video inspection may detect include pipes that have been infested with tree roots, pipes corroded with minerals and water impurities, frozen and burst pipes, or a blockage caused by grease or waste.

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