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How Your Water Heater Temperature Affects Your Household

Most likely, you’re already aware of the function of your home’s water heater. Basically, without it, you’d be left in the cold - literally! Your water heater has the important job of heating your water supply, enabling you to take hot showers and use heated water for cooking and cleaning.

Did you know that there’s actually a perfect water heater temperature? Having your water tank set to the right heat setting is actually pretty important, and as a homeowner, it’s a vital piece of information to know. We’ll discuss why below.

The Right Water Temperature Fights Bacteria

fightsbacteria When it comes to the temperature setting for your water heater, 120F is the perfect temperature for your home’s water tank, and for very good reason - bacteria. The water in your tank is sitting motionless for much of the time.

Stagnant water is a perfect breeding ground for bacteria, which can present a dangerous health situation when being used. Luckily, when water is heated consistently at the right temperature, it not only kills bacteria present but prevents any more bacteria from thriving in the atmosphere.

One of the most dangerous bacteria that can form in improperly heated water is Legionella. This particular bacteria causes a severe strain of pneumonia when present in humans, called Legionnaires’ Disease. Each year in the United States, thousands of people contract this sometimes deadly bacteria. In 2017 alone, there were 7,500 cases of the disease.

Keeping your water heater at the proper 120F will ensure your water tank fights bacteria and doesn’t become contaminated with deadly bacteria such as Legionella.

Finding The Ideal Water Heater Temperature Can Help Your Pocket

waterheatertemperature While 120F is the optimal temperature for which your home’s water heater to be set, often they are preset at 140F. While 140F will kill bacteria, it is unnecessarily hot and can cause scalding.

If you have a baby in the home, for instance, you’ll want to lower your water temperature as soon as possible.

Keeping your water heater temperature set to 120F can also keep more money in your pocket from lowered utility costs; The less time it takes to heat your water, the lower the energy bill.

Always Have Available Water

availablewater In your home, your heated water is used for a number of different functions, and often by a number of different people; Bathing, showering, cooking, and cleaning - all of these functions use hot water from your heater.

When you have your temperature set higher at 140F, it can take longer to heat, which means your hot water will run out more frequently. When you have it set to the ideal 120F, you’ll have much more available water on demand.

Do you know where your water heater thermostat is in your home? Double-check to make sure it’s set to 120F. If you’re not sure where it’s located, or if you need help setting it up, don’t hesitate to call Super Plumbers. Our trained technicians can locate your thermostat and set your temperature quickly and easily.