Universal Plumbing Myths 101

myth-or-factWe've all had to learn from tough lessons the hard way. It sometimes happens when we take a piece of bad advice or believe a falsehood to be true. Sometimes that even happens when you're dealing with the plumbing in your home.

Frequently, we hear about people who have believed some plumbing myths that turned out to be false with disastrous results. To help you avoid having that happen to you, we've compiled this list of common plumbing myths.

There's No Way Your Water Heater Ever Blow Up

Despite careful construction that’s rated to withstand elevated internal pressure and safety mechanisms built-in, it is possible for the pressure inside the tank to climb so high that it could eventually explode.

As a safety measure, water heaters have a valve on them that is designed to allow water to escape when internal heat and pressure approach dangerous levels. It’s only if that valve malfunctions that a potential danger may exist. For that reason, we recommend testing the valve regularly and having your water heater inspected and serviced every year by a qualified plumbing professional.

A Slowly Leaking Faucet Is A Minor Issue That Can Be Ignoredleaking-faucet

If the constant dripping noise isn't driving you crazy, perhaps the increase in your water bills will be enough to motivate you to take action. It's estimated that a faucet that releases a single drop every five seconds can waste 400 gallons or more in a year. Can you imagine then how much water is wasted down the drain if you have a steady trickle?

A Slow Drain Isn't The Same As A Clog And Therefore Isn't A Big Deal

clogged-drainsWhen the accumulation of gunk, grease, and hair inside your pipes starts to significantly slow the rate at which your sinks tubs and showers drain, it's an early warning sign of a significant problem on the horizon.

If you wait until the clog is blocked completely to deal with it, you could be facing a backup of dirty water flowing into your home.

It's always preferable to have congested and clogged pipes cleaned up sooner rather than later. If a toilet plunger or store-bought drain cleaning solutions proves to be ineffective, your local plumber will have the right tools and the needed know-how to fix the problem quickly.

Have you heard any other interesting or scary plumbing myths? Share them with us to find out whether or not they are true. And for professional help with all your plumbing repair and installation needs in your Tyler, TX home, call 903-630-6153 to book an appointment with the friendly pros at Super Plumbers.