Important Info to Help with Your Next Plumbing Permit

There's nothing quite like starting a home renovation project. By the end of it, you will have boosted your quality of life and gained a sense of fulfillment. But before you can get started on giving your home's plumbing a facelift, you should learn more about the permit process and what it takes to get permission for a job from the city.

Ready to dive in? Here's some pertinent information that should help you if you apply for a plumbing career as well.

Permits for Big Projects

“whenpermit”What's most important in determining whether or not you need a permit to work is the scale of the project. If all you want to do is conduct a relatively simple task, such as installing a new faucet, you likely don't need to seek permission.

But if you're proposing a more serious job that will directly affect your home's plumbing system, chances are you will need a permit. The following projects commonly require a permit: repiping, drain line replacements, sewer line replacements, water heater installations and anything to do with relocating plumbing.

Remember permit requirements may change in different cities. Some ask for permits to conduct specific tasks while others may not. We suggest you check with Tyler, TX municipal regulations before starting.

Permits Offer Protection

“permitprotection”The purpose of applying for permits is actually to protect any would-be amateur home renovation stars. Obtaining the correct permits grants you access to municipal reviewers and inspectors from whom you need to gain approval to get started with different parts of your project.

It's their job to ensure you comply with local plumbing codes and zoning laws. In addition, plumbing permits can be displayed as evidence you're being compliant with sanitary and safety concerns. This may include potential issues with neighbors and nearby structures.

If you're caught without the right permits, you may be issued a fine by the city. There might also be complications if you try to sell your home. But perhaps most importantly, without these permits you may inadvertently embark on a project without any assurance it meets code and minimum safety requirements.

Price of Getting Permits

“howmuchcost”Different cities can have different rates for permits depending on what the project involves and type of building you're working on. Generally, each permit costs between tens and hundreds of dollars.

Cities may also add a charge for each fixture you want to install or offer packages, which charge more for installing items beyond a certain threshold. In some cases, you might have to pay an application fee.

If you find yourself lost in the process and need a hand acquiring permits, we suggest asking a local Tyler plumber for advice.