The Importance of a Faucet Aerator

Have you heard of a faucet aerator? Even if you haven’t, you probably still have them in your faucets at home. To help you better maintain your sinks and the faucet aerators in your home, we walk through their functions and benefits here.

A faucet aerator is a small, mesh screen that covers the tip of a sink or tub faucet. As the water travels through the mesh, air bubbles are circulated into the stream of water.

What is the purpose of an aerator circulating air through faucet water? Aerators help conserve water. By lightly breaking up the constant stream of water from the faucet, less water exits the faucet at a time, helping reduce the amount of water being used. While this may seem to be a problem that would hamper the function of your faucet, it is quite the opposite. The shape of the aerator intensifies the water pressure to compensate for the reduced flow of water – this makes the lessened amount of water imperceptible.

Maintaining Your Faucet

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