Remodeling Tips for Your Kitchen & Bathroom

Considering remodeling your kitchen or bathroom this summer? If so, don’t just stick to home improvement magazines and TV shows for your information.

Our team at Super Plumbers have worked on a wealth of kitchen and bathroom revitalization projects, and we know how you can make sure your project turns out successfully.

The key is extensive pre-planning: pick your fixtures and finishes based on a detailed budget and stick to that budget like glue.

Also, make sure you work with trusted professionals every step of the way so that quality results are guaranteed.

By pairing advanced planning strategies with the right companies, you’re all set for success. Not sure where to start? Just keep reading.

Plumbing and Fixture Updates

Before settling on your dream project plan, consult with a plumbing expert to see if the adjustments are feasible.

Moving plumbing around in your kitchen or bathroom can be a considerable undertaking.

tune-upYou’ll also want to check to see if any permits are required for the alterations.

Once you’ve done your research and consulted with a Super Plumbers expert, you can begin choosing new fixtures for your kitchen and bathroom.

Simply updating the hardware in these rooms can make the spaces look that much more modern and luxurious.

Consider elegant upgrades such as waterfall faucets for your bathroom, sleek trench drain systems for the shower, and brushed nickel handles and doorknobs.

In the kitchen, treat yourself to a swiveling pull-down faucet with varying spray options for different tasks.

If your appliances are on the older side, think about advancing to stainless steel energy-efficient ones instead.

Not only will they be smudge-proof and easier to clean, they’ll save water and electricity.

Planning – What to Consider

There are many things to consider when you’re still in the planning stages of your project.

A great way to start is by creating or obtaining a project planning worksheet.

This allows you to categorize everything you want done to the room by category along with a short description of the job, and an estimated cost for the necessary quantity.

That way, if you see yourself exceeding your overall budget, you can adjust products accordingly.

If there is any possibility that you might sell your home in the coming years, it’s also a good idea to take a look at the return on investment for any additions you’re considering.

Do your research to find out if certain upgrades increase or decrease the value of your home.

For example, switching out composite countertops for quartz may appeal to a wide range of buyers, but swapping your shower for a standalone soaker tub might not be everyone’s idea of convenient.

Make sure any highly personalized changes are only done if you plan to stay long-term.

How to Hire the Right Person for the Job

proPerhaps the most important decision you’ll make when remodeling is deciding which providers to work with.

When it comes to kitchen and bathroom plumbing or repiping needs in Tyler, count on Super Plumbers.

We’ll make sure that the plumbing work required for your remodeling project is handled in an efficient and professional manner.

Plus, we’re happy to answer any questions you may have about the process!

Top 3 Reasons for Stinky Drains and Smelly Water

Your home should be a comfortable, pleasant, and headache free zone. When you're continuously dealing with stinky drains or smelly water, finding peace of mind within your own four walls can be difficult.

Thankfully, there are three common reasons as to why a home's drains or water supply may start to stink, and the causes are usually easily detectable and curable.

Here are the top three reasons that a home develops smelly drains or water:

1 - Dried Out P-Traps

P-traps are u-shaped sections commonly found in all drain pipes of your home. These traps contain a small amount of water, which acts as a seal to prevent sewer gases from entering these waste pipes.

Most of the time, the p-traps dry up and start to smell due to one of the following causes:p-trap

  • Disuse.
  • A leak in the p-trap.
  • A blockage which causes the water to siphon out of the p-trap.

Sewer gas smells from dry p-traps in drains that have been unused for a long period of time are easy to fix.

Simply run the tap for a few minutes to refill the p-trap with water.

Once completed, the seal should be working and you can rest easy knowing that the foul smell won't be returning, as long as the drain is used every once in awhile.

If the smell comes from a commonly used drain, call a plumbing professional to inspect the p-trap itself.

They can easily detect a leak or blockage, and these issues should only be dealt with by trained professionals to avoid damage.

2 - The Water Heater

The interior of a water heater is the perfect breeding area for smelly bacteria to thrive. These bacteria require moist, dark areas.

When combined with sulfur and the metal components of your water heater, they become even stinkier and give off that unmistakable "rotten egg" smell.

This smell enters all water that is heated, and is sent off around your home when you need it. To rid of these stinky bacteria, try cleaning your water heater with hydrogen peroxide.

H2O2 works to kill off bacteria without damaging your water heater. H2O2 is also safe for the environment, as it degrades to oxygen and water over time.

3 - A Blocked Sewer Gas Vent

Many modern homes have a ventilation system installed that is dedicated to removing sewer gases and releasing them into the outside air.

If this system is blocked, these stinky gases build up, and enter the waste drains in your home.

blocked-drainThere are common causes of these blockages, including:

  • Debris.
  • Leaves.
  • Animal nests.

Blockages should only be cleared if it is safe for you to do so on our own.

If the blockage is not safely accessible, contact a plumber immediately.

These experts can safely remove blockages with the right tools.

How to Go Green at Home

Many of the environmental problems that threaten our planet have been brought about by human actions. While this is unfortunate, the good news is that there are steps that you can take to help the earth out.

As a homeowner, you make choices all the time. Why not make choices that are environmentally friendly? Here are some tips from our team here at Super Plumbers.

Time for Tankless?

save-waterIf you've got a traditional hot water storage tank, did you know that there are more energy efficient options available?

Tankless water heaters provide hot water on demand, which requires less energy and saves you money too.

Are Your Plumbing Fixtures Environmentally Friendly?

If you haven't done so already, it is time to change your existing plumbing fixtures so that you use less water. Your toilets use an incredible amount of water. You can reduce that significantly by putting in dual flush toilets.

Low-flow showerheads and faucets are not only fashionable, but functional. They help reduce water waste too.

Ways to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

carbon-footprintIf you want to help the planet, take steps daily to reduce your carbon footprint like:

  • plant trees in your community
  • plant your own garden where you can grow your own food
  • walk or bike instead of driving
  • buy locally sourced produce and meats
  • take showers instead of baths
  • hang laundry on the clothesline instead of using the dryer

Earth Day Celebrations

Beyond making environmentally friendly choices every day, take some time on Earth Day on April 22 to be even more environmentally friendly.

How good are you about recycling? Use Earth Day to fine-tune your recycling program. Do you recycle e-waste? Think beyond the garbage for recycling and constantly look for ways to re-use or recycle your belongings too, like clothing and furniture.

It’s a great day to become active in your community as well. Join a community group that works to greenify where you live.

Ditch Plastic Water Bottles

While plastic water bottles to grab and go are convenient, they are horrible for the environment. Not only that, but it is a super expensive way to consume your water.

Putting in a water filtration system at home is easy, inexpensive and gives you great water in an environmentally friendly way.

You can easily have one installed right on your faucet, which means clean, clear water whenever you need it, without the empty plastic bottles to deal with.

Learn Important Info About World Water Day


world-waterOn March 22nd, World Water Day will serve to bring attention to the importance of freshwater on our planet. The sustainable management and preservation of this natural resource are dire to the continuation of life itself. With the surge of urbanization and diverse lifestyle changes, our consumption of water as a species is on the rise.

What is the Water Crisis?

It is important to be educated on how our water is threatened, and how people can work together to preserve the planet’s water supply. Our freshwater resources are becoming scarce, due to factors produced by the actions of mankind, including:

Increased Water Consumption: The increase in human population and urbanization of these individuals means that people using water at unprecedented levels. Water use for irrigation purposes, agriculture, domestic households, industrial production processes, etc. make up much of the water people use.
Environmental Crisis: Aquatic environments and the species that exist within them are disrupted by the effects of excess water usage. Once these environments are disturbed, natural balance can be difficult to regulate.

The Importance of Conserving Water

wasting-waterCurrently, humans are wasting more water than ever before. Since these developments, scientists and activists alike have developed key methods to reducing how much water we use, and how to protect freshwater itself:

The overall reduction in water usage and waste, preserving existing resources. Improving the management of water usage by enhancing decision on how and why humans use water. This includes using water sustainably, and for the benefit of the entire population.

The production of factory farm raised meat accounts for a much higher percentage of water usage than the growth of edible and usable vegetation. Activists are communicating the importance of lowering the production of factory raised meat and opting instead for the production of water efficient crops.

How to Conserve Water at Home

Luckily, there are small, affordable changes that can be made within households to decrease the usage of water in everyday lives. By investing in water-saving plumbing
technology, you can do your part in saving this precious resource. The following are some great plumbing upgrades to consider:

  • water-dropAutomatic (timed) faucets.
  • Low-flow showerheads (also known as energy-efficient showerheads).
  • Garden hose nozzles.
  • Low-flush toilets.
  • Dual-flush toilets. These toilets have two different levers or buttons to flush differing levels of water and use up to 67% less water than conventional toilets.
  • Faucet aerators. These aerators break up the flow of water, while delivering the same effectiveness (and use less water).

If you’re in the Tyler, TX area and are interested in installing water efficient plumbing technology throughout your home, contact the plumbing experts at Super Plumbing by calling (903)-630-6153.

Universal Plumbing Myths 101

myth-or-factWe've all had to learn from tough lessons the hard way. It sometimes happens when we take a piece of bad advice or believe a falsehood to be true. Sometimes that even happens when you're dealing with the plumbing in your home.

Frequently, we hear about people who have believed some plumbing myths that turned out to be false with disastrous results. To help you avoid having that happen to you, we've compiled this list of common plumbing myths.

There's No Way Your Water Heater Ever Blow Up

Despite careful construction that’s rated to withstand elevated internal pressure and safety mechanisms built-in, it is possible for the pressure inside the tank to climb so high that it could eventually explode.

As a safety measure, water heaters have a valve on them that is designed to allow water to escape when internal heat and pressure approach dangerous levels. It’s only if that valve malfunctions that a potential danger may exist. For that reason, we recommend testing the valve regularly and having your water heater inspected and serviced every year by a qualified plumbing professional.

A Slowly Leaking Faucet Is A Minor Issue That Can Be Ignoredleaking-faucet

If the constant dripping noise isn't driving you crazy, perhaps the increase in your water bills will be enough to motivate you to take action. It's estimated that a faucet that releases a single drop every five seconds can waste 400 gallons or more in a year. Can you imagine then how much water is wasted down the drain if you have a steady trickle?

A Slow Drain Isn't The Same As A Clog And Therefore Isn't A Big Deal

clogged-drainsWhen the accumulation of gunk, grease, and hair inside your pipes starts to significantly slow the rate at which your sinks tubs and showers drain, it's an early warning sign of a significant problem on the horizon.

If you wait until the clog is blocked completely to deal with it, you could be facing a backup of dirty water flowing into your home.

It's always preferable to have congested and clogged pipes cleaned up sooner rather than later. If a toilet plunger or store-bought drain cleaning solutions proves to be ineffective, your local plumber will have the right tools and the needed know-how to fix the problem quickly.

Have you heard any other interesting or scary plumbing myths? Share them with us to find out whether or not they are true. And for professional help with all your plumbing repair and installation needs in your Tyler, TX home, call 903-630-6153 to book an appointment with the friendly pros at Super Plumbers.