Commitment is Scary: Let us Help

You know what they say. The easiest way to scare away a new lover is to make them feel like they're beginning to be committed to the relationship. That's why Valentine's Day is such an interesting holiday, especially for new lovers. Some lovers move in with one another, others come home to find all their stuff packed into boxes.

We know relationship commitment can be scary, but commitment isn't always a bad thing. Committing to a business can pay off in a big way. Think gym memberships, monthly shopping club plans, savings clubs, and even plumbing maintenance memberships.

The last of which is near and dear to our heart. Each of these commitment options can save you serious cash if used properly and obtained from a reputable company. They're worth a whole lot of money and will make your life easier as well. What's not to love about that?

Plumbing Emergency: What Emergency?

plumbingemergency If you've ever suffered from something dramatic like a burst pipe, you know just how stressful it can be. The same goes for a serious clog that backs up your whole home's plumbing.

The thing is, having a plumbing maintenance membership will help you avoid those emergencies. With a membership, a professional plumber is examining your system on a regular basis.

You'll know when problems have the potential to happen and can take care of potential issues before they are serious problems. It's a benefit that will help you save money, and more importantly, help you avoid the stress of a major plumbing breakdown.

Pipes That Seem to Last a Lifetime

pipesystem There's an expected lifespan on every plumbing system. How would you like your system lifespan?

That's possible with a maintenance program in place that does regular pipe cleanings. Cleaned pipes are likely to last longer than the dirty ones.

That's because they won't corrode as quickly, and because less pressure is being put on them. Pipes that are continually getting clogged up don't have a chance to function properly. They're too busy being strained and pushed to their limits.

All this hard work puts strains on the joints and eventually leads to premature failure. When you have a regular pipe cleaning all the clog issues go away. The pipes flow freely and they can last longer than expected. That's a good feeling.

Long Term Trust

longterm There are only certain people that you can trust with your plumbing system's health over the long term. After all, if the same person is checking your system out every year, they need to know what they are doing or you'll have problems.

With that said, getting a quality plumber to do long-term maintenance is almost always more beneficial to you than the professional.

That's because the program will save you money on your maintenance costs, and your system will remain in better shape over time. It's a win-win situation for you, and you'll end up with a plumbing system that can't seem to fail, or at least a system that's much more reliable in general.

That's why it's up to you to check out the different plumbing companies that you are thinking of working with. Take the time to find a company you really trust, and you'll feel better for it even before you realize how beneficial the company is for your plumbing system.

After all that you've learned are you ready for a commitment now? How about if that commitment could save you money and protect your plumbing system better at the same time? Call Super Plumbers at (903) 630-6153 and that's exactly what we'll do for you. A simple investment is all it takes to keep your home running as it should.

Maybe commitments aren't the scary thing that some people make them out to be after all. With your new found confidence you might even be willing to commit this Valentine's Day. It's an exciting time, and if nothing else you can stop worrying about plumbing issues!


Why That Rotten Smell Is Coming From Your Plumbing

If you ever detect a rotten stench coming from your kitchen or bathroom plumbing, it can make your home way less enjoyable. Simple tasks such as cooking and cleaning can become extremely unpleasant. More often than not, the cause of this odor is hydrogen sulfide gas, which is a product of bacteria from contaminated water and sewage.

On the plus side, the source of the problem is easy to detect and eliminating the awful scent is easy. The solution in many cases is as simple as doing some drain cleaning, or it could also mean disinfecting the problem area. Ready to find out how to get rid of that smell? Here's what every homeowner should know about handling smelly plumbing.

There Might Be Bacteria in the Pipes

“contaminatedsink”The first step is to figure out if the problem is a contaminated water supply or bacteria in a single drain. Testing for this is a piece of cake. Start by filling a cup with cold water from the sink in question, bringing it outside, and taking a whiff.

Next, fill another glass with hot water from the same tap, and smell it. Finally, conduct the test again but with water from different sinks in your home. If each glass of water has a nasty odor to it, it's likely the water supply is contaminated.

If only the cups of hot water were smelly, the root of the problem might be your water heater. If you detected no stench, it's possible the problem is with one stinky drain. If you determine the source is limited to one sink in your home, you can get rid of the smell by conducting a simple drain cleaning.

Pouring a half cup of bleach down the drain should eliminate the odor. If you don't want to use bleach, you can instead let about half a cup of baking soda flow down the drain and follow that with a cup of vinegar. Let the solution react for a few minutes before rinsing it out with water.

If the Water Is Contaminated With Sulfur

“sulfur”Should your findings point to your water supply as the problem, there are several remedies you can try. If you deduce the water heater is the source of the problem, it's probably due to sulfur in the anode rod reacting to the bacteria.

Solve it by replacing the rod with an aluminum one and disinfecting the water using hydrogen peroxide. If water throughout in your home smells rotten, and you use well water, it's possible for the pressure tank to be contaminated.

Disinfect the water by adding bleach, one gallon for every 1,000 gallons of water, if you wish to get rid of the stench. Try cleaning and disinfecting the well itself, too. They might not come to mind, but water softeners are a common culprit of contamination. So if you're looking for some quick fixes, consider replacing the filter for your water softener or conditioner.

What to Do If It Still Stinks?

“whattodo”If you've tried them all and none of these solutions work, you should contact a Tyler, TX professional plumbing company to get rid of this persistent problem.

A good plumber will get to the bottom of the smell, eliminate the bacteria, decontaminate your water supply, or conduct the necessary repairs to pipework.

They may also suggest scheduling consistent drain cleaning services.

New Pipes

Enjoy Endless Benefits All Year Long When You Schedule a 2018 Drain Cleaning

Many homeowners are now considering how best to improve their home ready for 2018. The New Year is almost here, and there are many home maintenance tasks to take on in the coming few months.

But few are as important as the drain cleaning process. Taking on the drain cleaning process now can help homeowners to safeguard their property and reduce their home water costs. In this latest post, we’ll present our guide to the endless benefits gained by scheduling drain cleaning in 2018.

Remove Clogs

Clogged Pipe Annoying clogs can prevent you from using your home equipment as you might normally throughout the year.

They can be an endless source of frustration, and it’s for this reason that many try to take on the clog removal process alone. However, this isn’t an easy job to complete.

While you might remove the clog the first time, a problem can simply build-up in the same area again if you don’t remove all elements of the clog. And so, it’s important to work with a qualified plumbing company to remove the clog with precision and for the long-term.

Improve the Comfort of Your Home

Unwanted Noise Home drains can become exceptionally noisy, particularly if they haven’t been cleaned in a long time.

It’s critical that you take on the home cleaning process now and ensure that all elements of the drain are cleaned with the utmost precision by a professional company.

They can help to prevent the gurgling noises and the water movement noises that can permeate a home.

They can also identify the cause of these noises and ensure they don’t reoccur in the coming months. Simply taking the time now to work with a qualified drain specialist can help to ensure your home is protected.

Reduce Water Costs

Save Money The costs to provide clean water in the home rise when the home’s pipes are clogged.

Drain cleaning teams can help to reduce these water costs by removing some of the contaminants that impede water flow.

Make sure you ask your drain cleaning company about issues with rising costs. They can help to identify the problem and provide a clear resolution.

Working with a local specialist on the drain cleaning process can help keep your Tyler, TX property in the ideal condition for the coming months, and for the entirety of 2018.