Tools of the Trade: What Tools Do Plumbers Use on the Job?

What’s Inside a Plumbing Contractor’s Truck?

For some, a plumbing contractor’s fully stocked truck must seem like a vehicle of mystery. After diagnosing a plumbing issue, plumbers open it, rummage awhile, and voila! They come out with the right equipment to solve a homeowner’s problems right in their hands. But what are some of these essential plumbing tools and equipment found in a plumber’s truck? This blog post will share some of the most common tools and equipment plumbers use.

Hand Tools in a Plumber’s Toolbox

tools To complete basic maintenance and repair work, plumbers rely on various hand tools commonly used in and out of plumbing work. Tools like wrenches, pliers, and pipe cutters are guaranteed in any plumber’s toolbox. Wrenches like the pipe wrench are considered a mainstay because they can loosen or tighten pipe connections, while basin wrenches are used to access tight spaces where a regular wrench will not fit.

Another essential tool for plumbers is the water pump pliers. This versatile tool is used to grip things and tighten or loosen nuts and bolts. On the other hand, a pipe cutter is used to cut all different kinds and materials of pipes. Its adjustable reel base can accommodate various pipe sizes, wherein a rotating cutter slices the line down to size.

Equipment to Keep Plumbers Safe

Safety is a top priority in the trades, and plumbers are no exception. To protect themselves from the hazards inherent in their line of work, they must wear proper protective gear when needed, such as goggles for their eyes and face masks. These face coverings protect them from breathing in toxic or harmful substances and flying debris.

Gloves, on the other hand, protect the hands of plumbing contractors from burns and harmful chemicals and allow them to get a better grip on their tools while keeping their hands clean and free from contact with potentially dangerous materials. Wearing sturdy boots is also essential for plumbers to protect their feet from sharp or heavy objects and helps them get better traction to prevent slipping and possible injury from wet floors. 

Specialty Plumbing Tools and Equipment

tools Specialized tools and equipment are an essential part of plumbing work, and there are many. A hydro jet is a powerful tool that uses high-pressure streams of water to clear clogs and blockages from drains and pipes. A drain snake or auger machine reaches deep into the line and also breaks up clogs. 

Video inspection equipment allows for detailed examination of the inside of pipes, allowing plumbers to assess and diagnose problems accurately. Acoustic listening devices can detect leaks or blockages in water pipes by amplifying sound. Pressure testing enables plumbing professionals to check the integrity of a system and find problems by running pressurized air through it. All these tools and equipment are valuable assets for any plumber to help ensure that any issues within plumbing systems are accurately detected, located, and fixed to keep the plumbing in good working order.

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