Common Problems That Cause Poor Shower Water Pressure

Causes of Low Water Pressure in the Shower

Spending some relaxing time at home helps people get through the day, and one thing that can help people relax is a long, hot shower to rinse away the stress of the day. But the relaxation can be ruined due to showers suffering from poor water pressure. This post will discuss some of the most common causes of low water pressure in the shower. With this expert advice and some help from a plumber, homeowners can waste less energy worrying about dealing with low water pressure and more time relaxing in a home with excellent plumbing. 

Water Heater Issues 

water heater

In any situation, the best way to troubleshoot a problem is to isolate the symptoms as much as possible. If water pressure suffers only when hot water is used, the cause of the low water pressure could be traced back to the water heater. A plumber can help determine the cause of this issue and fix it so that better water pressure can be restored.

The water pressure issue may be caused by various issues related to the water heater, such as insufficient flow rate, sediment buildup, and incorrect temperature settings. Other potential causes can include an obstruction in the hot water line, a broken pressure-regulating valve, insufficient water supply to the heater, or incorrect installation. In some cases, homeowners may also experience low hot water pressure when other appliances in the home are running simultaneously.

Pipe Leaks 

Leaks in water lines can cause a variety of problems for homeowners. One such problem is reduced water pressure in showers and other fixtures. If water pressure seems low throughout the house, leaks are likely the problem. When a leaking line is present, it reduces the available volume of water throughout the plumbing system, which leads to weak or intermittent streams from showerheads or faucets. 

It can be especially noticeable when multiple fixtures are used simultaneously. It is vital to repair any leaks promptly to restore water pressure to the shower and other fixtures throughout the home. When experiencing low water pressure with multiple fixtures, contact a professional to evaluate the plumbing system and repair leaks if needed. Additionally, fixing plumbing leaks will reduce water bills.

Problems With the Showerhead 


Sometimes the cause of low water pressure in the shower is the showerhead itself. This is likely the case if the poor water pressure occurs only with that one showerhead. Examine the showerhead to determine if this is the problem in the shower. Mineral scale is a white, crusty substance that will likely be visible in and around the holes in the showerhead, and this scale can clog the showerhead, which causes reduced water pressure.  

This is even more likely in homes with hard water, which includes most American households. One of the consequences of hard water is mineral scale deposits in piping and plumbing fixtures. When this scale thickens, it can restrict water flow through pipes and fixtures, resulting in low water pressure. Showerheads can be removed and cleaned or replaced to restore proper water pressure in the shower if this is the cause. 

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