Easy Ways to Spot an Underground Water Leak

Tips for Finding an Underground or Hidden Leak 

Homeowners need to identify and respond to suspected hidden or underground leaks quickly. The longer these problems remain unaddressed, the worse they could become. A homeowner may notice mold growth along the baseboards, foul odors, and sagging floors within days, and after a while, these things can affect a home’s structural integrity. In this blog post, readers can learn how to spot a leak and the value of consulting a water leak detection service

Signs of a Hidden or Underground Leak 

leak How long it takes for a hidden water leak to show signs depends on many factors, including the severity of the leak. In general, however, one can notice these signs of a leak quickly after the leak forms: 

  • The sound of running water: If a homeowner hears running water, but no fixtures are on, this could point to a leak. 
  • Decreased water pressure: When water exits the water line through a leak, one can notice a decrease in water pressure almost immediately. 
  • Puddles of water on the lawn: An underground leak may reveal itself as wet spots or pooling water in the yard. If there aren’t puddles of water, the ground may feel muddy or unsteady. 
  • High water bills: When there is a leak, a homeowner may notice a spike in their water bill, despite no change in their water consumption.

Check the Water Meter 

A water meter is a device that measures the amount of water that is being used in a household. It is usually located near the main water supply line and can be easily accessed by homeowners. It is a valuable tool for identifying hidden water leaks that may not be visible to the naked eye.

To use the water meter to check for leaks, start by turning off all the faucets in the house and ensuring all the appliances that use water are turned off. Next, locate the water meter and take note of the reading. Once about an hour has passed without using any water, check the reading on the water meter again. If there is a difference between the initial reading and the current reading, this indicates a leak. 

Another easy way to use the water meter to check for leaks is the leak indicator on the water meter. Most modern water meters have a small triangle or dial that moves when water is being used. If this indicator moves even when no water is being used, this could be another sign of a hidden water leak.

Consult a Leak Detection Service for Further Support 

pro As soon as homeowners suspect they may have a leak, they should contact a plumber immediately. Professional leak detection services are crucial for identifying and repairing hidden leaks promptly and accurately. They use sophisticated tools and techniques to detect leaks that are not visible. These tools can include infrared cameras, acoustic leak detectors, and video inspection equipment to pinpoint the exact location of the leak.

One of the most significant advantages of hiring professionals for water leak detection services is the speed and efficiency with which they can identify and repair leaks. Using state-of-the-art equipment and techniques, they can quickly locate the source of the leak and recommend the best course of action for repairs. This means that any damage to property or water bills can be minimized, and the likelihood of further leaks is reduced.

About Super Plumbers 

Super Plumbers is a local family-owned and operated company serving Tyler, TX, and the surrounding communities. They provide competitive pricing, 24-hour emergency service, and personalized service. Call them today for water leak detection and repair services in Tyler, TX.

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Tools of the Trade: What Tools Do Plumbers Use on the Job?

What’s Inside a Plumbing Contractor’s Truck?

For some, a plumbing contractor’s fully stocked truck must seem like a vehicle of mystery. After diagnosing a plumbing issue, plumbers open it, rummage awhile, and voila! They come out with the right equipment to solve a homeowner’s problems right in their hands. But what are some of these essential plumbing tools and equipment found in a plumber’s truck? This blog post will share some of the most common tools and equipment plumbers use.

Hand Tools in a Plumber’s Toolbox

tools To complete basic maintenance and repair work, plumbers rely on various hand tools commonly used in and out of plumbing work. Tools like wrenches, pliers, and pipe cutters are guaranteed in any plumber’s toolbox. Wrenches like the pipe wrench are considered a mainstay because they can loosen or tighten pipe connections, while basin wrenches are used to access tight spaces where a regular wrench will not fit.

Another essential tool for plumbers is the water pump pliers. This versatile tool is used to grip things and tighten or loosen nuts and bolts. On the other hand, a pipe cutter is used to cut all different kinds and materials of pipes. Its adjustable reel base can accommodate various pipe sizes, wherein a rotating cutter slices the line down to size.

Equipment to Keep Plumbers Safe

Safety is a top priority in the trades, and plumbers are no exception. To protect themselves from the hazards inherent in their line of work, they must wear proper protective gear when needed, such as goggles for their eyes and face masks. These face coverings protect them from breathing in toxic or harmful substances and flying debris.

Gloves, on the other hand, protect the hands of plumbing contractors from burns and harmful chemicals and allow them to get a better grip on their tools while keeping their hands clean and free from contact with potentially dangerous materials. Wearing sturdy boots is also essential for plumbers to protect their feet from sharp or heavy objects and helps them get better traction to prevent slipping and possible injury from wet floors. 

Specialty Plumbing Tools and Equipment

tools Specialized tools and equipment are an essential part of plumbing work, and there are many. A hydro jet is a powerful tool that uses high-pressure streams of water to clear clogs and blockages from drains and pipes. A drain snake or auger machine reaches deep into the line and also breaks up clogs. 

Video inspection equipment allows for detailed examination of the inside of pipes, allowing plumbers to assess and diagnose problems accurately. Acoustic listening devices can detect leaks or blockages in water pipes by amplifying sound. Pressure testing enables plumbing professionals to check the integrity of a system and find problems by running pressurized air through it. All these tools and equipment are valuable assets for any plumber to help ensure that any issues within plumbing systems are accurately detected, located, and fixed to keep the plumbing in good working order.

About Super Plumbers

Super Plumbers is a local family-owned and operated plumbing company serving Tyler, TX, and the surrounding areas. They provide 24/7 emergency repairs, personalized service, and competitive, flat-rate pricing. Call them today for plumbing services in Tyler, TX.

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Upgrading to a Tankless Water Heater is an Eco-Friendly Choice

The Advantages of a Tankless Water Heater

As more homeowners look for ways to make their homes eco-friendly, upgrading to a tankless water heater is becoming popular. Tankless water heaters are designed to provide hot water on demand without needing a large storage tank. This makes them a more efficient and eco-friendly option for homeowners who want to reduce their energy consumption and lower their utility bills. This blog will discuss tankless water heaters, their benefits, and signs it’s time to replace an old water heater.

Is it Time to Replace Your Old Water Heater?

shower Older water heaters can be less efficient and more prone to breakdowns, leading to higher energy bills and costly repairs. If homeowners are experiencing any of the following issues, it may be time to replace the water heater:

  • The water heater is more than ten years old
  • Homeowners notice leaks 
  • Homeowners see corrosion or rust 
  • The home frequently runs out of hot water or has inconsistent water temperatures
  • Strange noises can be heard coming from the tank

If homeowners notice any of these signs, they should contact a qualified plumber to inspect their water heater and determine if a replacement is needed. 

How a Tankless Water Heater Works

A tankless water heater is a type of water heater that provides hot water on demand without the need for a big storage tank to house the hot water. Unlike storage water heaters, which constantly heat and store large amounts of hot water, tankless water heaters only heat water when needed, saving energy and money. When a hot water tap is turned on, cold water flows through the unit, where powerful heating elements heat it quickly. This on-demand heating process means that a tankless water heater only uses energy when hot water is needed, resulting in significant savings over time.

One main feature distinguishing tankless water heaters from other water heating systems is their small size. Because they don't require a storage tank, tankless water heaters are significantly smaller than traditional water heaters, making them ideal for homeowners short on space or simply wanting a more compact water heating solution. In addition, tankless water heaters are known for their durability and longevity, often lasting up to 20 years with proper maintenance.

Benefits of a Tankless Water Heater

save Upgrading to a tankless water heater can provide a more efficient and eco-friendly solution that has several benefits, including:

  • Reduced energy consumption: Tankless water heaters only use energy when hot water is needed, making them a more energy-efficient option than traditional water heaters.
  • Lower utility bills: By reducing energy consumption, tankless water heaters can help lower monthly utility bills.
  • Longer lifespan: Tankless water heaters have a much longer lifespan than traditional water heaters, which can help save money on replacement costs in the long run.
  • More hot water: With a tankless water heater, homes will have an almost endless hot water supply, so they won’t have to worry about running out like when a storage water heater’s hot water tank runs out of hot water.
  • Space-saving: Tankless water heaters are much smaller than traditional water heaters, making them a great space-saving option for homeowners.

About Super Plumbers 

Super Plumbers is a family-owned and operated business serving Tyler, TX, and the surrounding communities. They provide 24/7 emergency repairs, upfront pricing, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Call them today for tankless water heater services in Tyler, TX.

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Meet the First Black Woman to Become a Master Plumber in the U.S.

Who is Adrienne Bennett?

Adrienne Bennett is the first Black woman to become a master plumber in the United States. In honor of Black History Month, this blog will discuss her successful and groundbreaking career in plumbing. Her perseverance and determination led her to make her own path where there wasn’t one already. 

The Early Years

As one of eight siblings, Bennett stood out by earning good grades in school, where she was interested in math and science. She worked at an engineering firm for a training program that led to a university where she hoped to gain an engineering degree. However, because of a racially charged incident with someone at the firm, she left the job and never attended college.

After a few years, a recruiter from the Mechanical Contractors Association of Detroit approached her at a 1976 election rally about an apprenticeship program for skilled trades. Soon after, she got into a five-year apprenticeship program with a plumbers’ union.

The Career

contractor Throughout her training, she did well and earned praise for her work. However, she was surrounded by men and had to deal with harassment and hostility from her male peers. But she persevered, and when she completed the program, she became the first woman in the state to do it.

After completing her training and the required 4,000 hours of experience to qualify for the master plumber exam, she took the test and became the first Black woman to become a master plumber in her state of Michigan and the entire country. Bennett was able to land several desirable positions within the field. She worked as a journeyman plumber, a master plumber, a project manager, a plumbing inspector, and a code enforcement officer for the city of Detroit. 


contractor After making her way through the plumbing industry and many years in the business, Bennett was ready to work as an independent contractor. She now runs a company with her son, which is involved in rebuilding Detroit and focuses on water conservation. She is continuing her successful career as the President and CEO of her company.

Her trailblazing path in a male-dominated industry continues, and she helps the next generation of tradespeople too by sitting on the Architectural Engineering Advisory Board for Lawrence Technological University, the college she had planned on going to but never got to attend.

About Super Plumbers

Super Plumbers is a family-owned and operated full-service plumbing company serving Tyler, TX, and the surrounding areas. They offer 24/7 emergency repairs, upfront pricing, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Call them today for plumbing services in Tyler, TX.

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Start Off the Year Right by Avoiding These Plumbing Mistakes

Avoid These Three Plumbing Mistakes in 2023

For families that were plagued with plumbing problems in 2022, 2023 is a fresh start. Each year has enough trouble of its own without having to struggle with challenges in the home’s plumbing. This year, resolve to make things go smoothly by avoiding common plumbing mistakes. Here are some tips to help homeowners avoid these common, costly plumbing problems so they can start the year off right. 

Using Liquid Drain Cleaners 

clog A drain clog is a pain that can limit the usage of bathtubs, bathroom sinks, and kitchen sinks. Instead of turning to professionals to relieve the frustration, many homeowners' first option is to try a plumber in a can, a liquid drain cleaner. Liquid drain cleaners are harsh and dangerous chemicals that are hazardous to use and store. Unfortunately, they aren’t even very good at removing clogs, and they have a tendency to chemically burn the piping and cause corrosion. This harsh chemical action destroys metal pipes and certain types of plastic, leading to the need for significant repairs. 

This year, instead of ruining plumbing and compounding problems, try more successful methods instead. Homeowners can try cleaning their own drains using classic methods like baking soda and vinegar. However, the most effective option is drain cleaning by professional plumbers. They have the specialized tools like drain snakes and hydro jets needed to clear clogs safely and prevent them from forming in the future. A drain cleaning technician can clean every drain in the home in one quick visit while preventing unnecessary damage.  

Forgetting Water Heater Maintenance 

maintenance The water heater is an essential home appliance and needs routine maintenance to keep it working safely and efficiently. It is also guaranteed to last longer with professional maintenance. Plumbers can catch any issues with the water heater before they become worse and cause more damage to the unit, requiring a premature replacement. 

By investing in water heater maintenance, homeowners can take advantage of benefits like:

  • Increased longevity
  • Fewer repairs
  • Lower utility bill
  • More hot water 

Not Hiring Professionals for Plumbing Work 

Unfortunately, many of the plumbing problems that plague homeowners they bring upon themselves. Amateur plumbing and handyman repairs may seem like they will save money upfront, but unskilled repairs and installations often lead to future plumbing problems. To prevent costly mistakes, hiring a qualified plumber is always best. 

In the long run, hiring a professional plumber is almost always the cheaper option. Plumbers are licensed and insured to protect their clients and have the knowledge and experience to complete plumbing work safely and effectively. On top of that, they have the right tools and expertise to do jobs faster, so this year, homeowners should always hire qualified professionals for plumbing work. 

About Super Plumbers

Super Plumbers is a family-owned and operated business serving Tyler, TX, and the surrounding areas. They provide upfront pricing, financing, and 24/7 emergency repairs. Call them today for plumbing, drain cleaning, or water heater services in Tyler, TX.