Protect the Home From Frozen Pipes This Winter

Professional Tips for Preventing Frozen Pipes 

Every home needs safe and reliable plumbing. Unfortunately, during the winter, cold weather can take a toll on plumbing that isn’t properly protected from chilly temperatures and lead to frozen pipes, which can lead to even more problems like burst pipes. Here are the dangers of frozen pipes and tips to help homeowners prevent them. 

Complications Arising From Frozen Pipes 

burst pipe Living in a home with frozen pipes is bad enough because it can deprive necessary plumbing fixtures of water service. But, the more severe dangers of a frozen pipe lie in the consequences of letting pipes freeze. When lines are exposed to cold temperatures, the water within them freezes and expands, putting pressure on the pipe walls and can cause them to break or burst. 

A leaking or burst pipe can lead to additional problems for a home, such as flooding, water damage, high water costs, and mold growth. So, apart from the stress of losing water service, the homeowner must also contend with the stress of waiting to see if anything worse will happen when pipes freeze. 

Can Pipe Insulation Help?

pipe insulationHomeowners should take steps to prevent frozen pipes, and one of the most effective ways is to install pipe insulation on piping vulnerable to freezing, such as those in crawl spaces, attics, and exposed exterior piping, to ensure it is safe from the cold. Not only does the insulation help prevent pipes from freezing, but it also has many other benefits. 

More benefits of insulating pipes other than preventing freezing include: 

  • Improved energy efficiency
  • Prevents condensation and excess moisture that can lead to mold growth and corrosion
  • Longer pipe lifespan by protecting against corrosion
  • Reduced noise levels from the pipes

Bonus Frozen Pipe Prevention Tips 

Here are a few more ways to prevent frozen pipes: 

  • Keep the Pipes Warm: Always keep the thermostat in the home set to at least 55°F, even if away from home or out of town, to help keep pipes warm enough to prevent freezing. 
  • Let the Faucet Drip: Another way to prevent pipes from freezing during freezing temperatures is to allow water to drip or trickle out of taps to keep water flowing so they don’t freeze. 
  • Winterize the Outdoor Plumbing: One of the major causes of burst pipes outdoors is due to homeowners forgetting to drain and remove hoses and insulating hose bibs. Since hoses and hose bibs won’t be used for the season, use premade caps to protect bibs and detach and drain hoses to remove the water. 

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As It Gets Cooler Outside, Don't Neglect Water Heater Maintenance

Homeowners Shouldn’t Wait Until They Have to Take a Cold Shower to Care for Their Water Heaters

Whether a home has a traditional or tankless water heater, it usually goes unnoticed until something goes wrong. Water heaters are typically hidden in a closet or back room and silently funnel hot water throughout the house to various faucets and appliances. Just like the human body needs a checkup with the doctor occasionally, the water heater needs maintenance whether it is malfunctioning or not. This article will share why water heater maintenance is necessary, what happens when a plumbing professional performs water heater maintenance, and troubling signs that may indicate a need for water heater repair.

Major Benefits of Water Heater Maintenance

save money The water heater has gone from being an innovative new gadget when it was invented in 1889 to being a staple, even a necessity, in every household. The water heater is like the heart of the plumbing system that keeps the family and all their clothes and eating utensils clean. Maintenance for this essential appliance is vital to keeping it working well. Some advantages of annual maintenance include:

  • Consistent Temperatures: The water heater will be able to maintain the proper water temperature better with regular checkups.
  • Peak Efficiency: The water heater must be maintained regularly for its best energy efficiency.
  • Saves Money: If the appliance is working at its most efficient, it will use less energy and save money on energy bills.
  • Longer Lifespan: A well-kept water heater will last longer and experience fewer issues than one that has been neglected.  

What Happens During a Maintenance Visit?

water heater service The water heater should get a maintenance checkup at least annually. One of the primary issues that must be addressed in a maintenance visit is the presence of sediment in the water heater. These mineral deposits within the pipes and the tank affect the water heater's efficiency and performance. A plumbing professional will take care of this by draining and flushing the water heater to remove it. 

Another thing that must be done is checking the anode rod and replacing it if it’s time. This is a metal rod that has a slight positive ion charge. It attracts corrosive negative ions in the water, which means the anode rod itself corrodes instead of the interior of the hot water heater. Other things that need to be checked include the pressure relief valve and the heating element. The water heater will also be inspected to catch any issues. 

Beware These Signs From a Home’s Hot Water Heater

If a homeowner notices any of these signs with their water heater, they should call a plumber for service, as it indicates the water heater may need maintenance or repair:

  • Loss of hot water or longer recovery times
  • Water temperature is inconsistent, too hot, or too cold
  • Noises like banging, hissing, whistling, or popping
  • The water heater is leaking
  • Higher energy bills

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Common Questions About Sewer Camera Inspection Services

Using Sewer Inspection Cameras Before Sewer Line Repairs 

Most parts of the sewer lines are buried underground. The major downside of this is that it can be challenging and invasive to diagnose and repair underground sewer line problems. However, plumbers can use special devices called sewer inspection cameras to help cut costs and reduce the hassle of diagnosing issues and performing sewer line repairs. This article is a quick discussion about what sewer video inspection is, the signs it’s needed, and how it is beneficial. 

What Is Sewer Video Inspection?

cameraSewer video inspection is a service offered by professional plumbers that can help homeowners determine if they have serious sewer line problems. Sewer inspection cameras allow plumbers to inspect sewer lines and more accurately spot problems and what has caused them. 

During a sewer line inspection visit, the plumber will use a small camera to inspect the sewer lines. This camera is on a long cable with a light attached that can be fed into sewer lines. The camera relays video back to a screen so the plumbing technicians can see the inside of the lines and what is causing problems. 

When Is Sewer Video Inspection Helpful? 

The signs that a sewer camera inspection is needed are also the signs that the sewer line is acting up. Some of the things that can tip homeowners off about sewer line problems and the need for sewer video inspection services are: 

  • Chronic clogging in drains or toilets
  • Slow draining 
  • Sewage or water backups from the drains or toilets
  • Foul odors like the smell of sewage
  • Wet or soggy spots on the lawn
  • Patches of grass in the yard that are greener or have grown faster 

What Are the Benefits of Using Sewer Inspection Cameras? 

clogThe drawback of burying sewer lines is that inspection and repairs can be costly, time-consuming, and invasive when having to dig and excavate to access them. Using a sewer inspection camera can be advantageous because they: 

  • Allow plumbers to make a more accurate diagnosis of problems.
  • Minimize the invasiveness of inspection and repairs since they require no digging and destruction.
  • It can reduce the cost and time needed for sewer line repairs by minimizing the guesswork and because no excavation is needed for inspection.
  • Allow plumbers to catch other potential sewer line problems before they get out of hand.
  • Allow plumbers to see the condition of the pipes.
  • It can accurately detect all sorts of sewer line problems, such as corrosion, leaks, clogs, and tree root invasion.

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How to Deal With Slab Leaks Effectively

What Does Slab Leak Mean? 

When a home is built, the first step is to lay out the site and determine where the house will be located. Most of the homes being built now are designed to be constructed on a large pad of poured concrete called a slab. While the site is being laid out, electricity and plumbing lines are dug and laid into the ground below the level of the future concrete so that they can be protected. Once these utilities are buried, the concrete slab is poured over the top. 

Over time, leaks can occur in the piping running under a home's concrete slab. These leaks are called slab leaks, and they can be more stressful than other plumbing leaks because they are hidden from view. This article is a quick guide to help homeowners deal with this plumbing problem more effectively. 

Signs of Slab Leaks 

leakLike any plumbing problem around the home, slab leaks show signs that they are present. The main catch with slab leaks is that they usually occur underneath about 18 inches of solid concrete and soil, making them more challenging to detect. Some of the things that homeowners should watch out for that can indicate a slab leak are: 

  • Water bubbling out from under the edge of the foundation or pooling water
  • Inexplicably high water bills
  • Mold or stubborn musty odors
  • Hissing or running water sounds coming from under the floors
  • Warped and buckled flooring or wet carpets
  • Water damage on walls 

Catching and repairing slab leaks as early as possible is the most crucial part of preventing the damage they can do, so as soon as the signs are noticed, call a professional. 

Damage Caused by Slab Leaks 

As with any plumbing problem, slab leaks and the damage they cause continue to get worse until it is repaired. Plumbing problems tend to cause other damage when they occur, and slab leaks are no different. Most commonly, slab leaks can lead to high water bills and water damage. Water damage from a slab leak can cause walls and floors to be ruined and allow mold growth. 

Additionally, moisture and water from a slab leak can cause issues with the home’s foundation. The soil under the foundation can move when a water leak forms in the piping under a slab. This soil movement can undermine the foundation’s support and can lead to massively expensive foundation problems and damage. 

Getting Professionals to Deal With Slab Leaks 

leakWorking with reliable plumbing contractors can make slab leak detection and repair much easier and faster. If the signs of a slab leak are present, homeowners should research local plumbers and find one with experience dealing with slab leaks. These professionals will have the tools and knowledge required to precisely locate leaks without excavation. 

Once they finish slab leak detection, plumbers will determine the best method for repair so they don’t have to do too much demolition and can make the slab leak repair noninvasive. Making small holes in the slab for repair or trenchless pipe repairs will make the job less invasive, and things can return to normal for homeowners quickly. 

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Super Plumbers is a family-owned and operated company serving Tyler and the surrounding areas. They offer competitive, upfront pricing, personalized service, and financing options. Call them today for slab leak detection and repair services in Tyler, TX

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When to Call Pros for Garbage Disposal Repair

Signs the Garbage Disposal Needs Repair or Replacement 

A common plumbing problem that has plagued households for ages is clogged kitchen sink drains. Kitchen sinks have to handle more than most drains in the home, and after too much mishandling, the drain line can clog. However, garbage disposals can help prevent this problem. The risk of clogs is reduced by grinding up food waste small enough to travel safely through the plumbing. However, what happens when the garbage disposal needs service? 

Recognizing the signs of garbage disposals needing replacement or repair can help homeowners get them fixed quicker so they can return to helping the plumbing. Here is a quick article to help homeowners understand when to call professional plumbers for garbage disposal repair or replacement

Stange or Unusual Noises 

noisesThe first sign that the garbage disposal needs attention is a change in the noises it makes. Garbage disposals make a loud grinding noise when functioning correctly, so it can be difficult to differentiate between its normal noise and noises that indicate problems. However, noticing the difference is easier once homeowners are familiar with the sound their disposal makes normally. Here are some noises emitted by struggling garbage disposals: 

  • Humming: In some cases, garbage disposals will make a loud humming noise but won’t show signs that it is running. If this is the case, there may be a jam in the unit or a problem with the motor.
  • Screeching and Rattling: Screeching and rattling noises can signal that something is lodged in the disposal’s blades. In some cases, it may indicate the blades or another component has come loose and are rattling around in the unit. 
  • No Noise: No noise when turned on is an obvious sign that something is wrong. Check the overload protector and ensure it hasn’t tripped, causing the red reset button to drop down. If it has, the reset button may fix the issue. 

Unreliable Service 

Other common signs that garbage disposals are struggling and may need repair or replacement have to do with their function. Garbage disposals should perform reliably for years. If the garbage disposal’s reset button must be used often due to frequent tripping or the disposal doesn’t work as quickly as it once did, it’s a sign that something is wrong with the unit. 

The garbage disposal may not work quickly anymore due to more minor and easily fixed issues such as dull blades or another underlying problem. A plumber can inspect the garbage disposal unit to determine the cause of its loss of function and if repair or replacement is necessary. 

Bad Odors 

smellGarbage disposals are an excellent tool for quickly and easily disposing of kitchen waste, but when they become broken or clogged, they can cause many problems. One common problem indicating an issue with the garbage disposal is bad smells that will linger until it’s fixed. 

The foul odor is usually due to trapped food and debris getting stuck inside the disposal. Food waste can be dislodged from the blades by running ice in the garbage disposal. However, in some cases, homeowners will need a plumber to repair the disposal and eliminate the unpleasant smell.

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