Garbage Disposal Don'ts!

Garbage disposals are a wonderful component for any kitchen. This plumbing wonder allows you to rid your sink of unwanted food particles without clogging up your drains. However, garbage disposals are not made to handle anything. There are certain items that will clog up or damage your garbage disposal. Check out these garbage disposal don’ts! And remember, if you need garbage disposal repair in Tyler, TX call our expert team for help!

Avoid Grease

Never pour hot grease down your disposal. Grease down any drain is a bad idea. The grease will eventually harden and create a solid mess in your disposal. This can cause other particles to get caught in the glob of grease and will clog your disposal.

No Strings

Don’t put anything down your disposal that is stringy in consistency. This includes items like celery, rhubarb and squash. The strings will catch around the disposal blades and could jam up the blades damaging your motor.

Expanding Items

Don’t put any items that will expand with water down your disposal. This includes things such as pasta and rice. The expanding items will grow as water enters your disposal and can cause a clog in the system.


Never put leftover bones down your disposal. Your blades may be strong, but the motor is not intended for items as tough as bones. Dispose of your bones elsewhere.

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