Readying the Home for the Holidays

Getting the Home (and Bathroom) Ready for the Holidays 

The holidays are the busiest time of the year. Between planning meals, wrapping presents, and decorating the house, it’s easy to forget the most important thing: the bathroom and kitchen’s plumbing. It always seems that the toilet, sink, and garbage disposal pick the worst time to break down. Instead of scrambling to fix things this season, homeowners can employ preventive measures to prevent costly repairs.

 Some tips include watching for puddles, patching leaks, and calling a plumbing service, if necessary. 

Keep an Eye Out of a Troubled Toilet toilet

Here’s a surprise: toilets can last more than 25 years with proper maintenance. While the pipes and internal components might need replacing, the porcelain throne itself is here to stay. That is unless there’s a crack in the toilet bowl. 

The toilet bowl holds most of the user’s weight. Even a hairline fracture can comprise the foundation’s integrity, which can turn an ordinary trip to the bathroom on its head. Most professionals would recommend toilet replacement in the event of a crack. While caulk and patches can provide a temporary solution, in the long run, it will be best to consult a plumbing services expert. 

Other signs that a toilet needs professional repairs include: 

  • Frequent clogs 
  • Puddles around the toilet’s base 
  • Wobbling when a user sits down 
  • Inadequate flushing 
  • Waste resurfacing after flushing 
  • Consistently low water levels 

Spot the Signs of a Failing Kitchen System plumber

Many homeowners won’t call in kitchen plumbing experts until it’s too late. Seemingly innocuous problems, like clogs and leaks, can quickly escalate into major issues. It’s best to respond to an issue before it transforms into a thousand-dollar problem. 

Rusted pipes are among the most concerning issues. A rusted pipe is a weak pipe, prone to leaks, corrosion, and other issues. It can also affect the water coming out of the pipes. Rusted pipes can cause tap water to taste metallic or sour. 

Indicators of a troubled kitchen plumbing system include: 

  • The garbage disposal backs up: This likely means that food residue is coating the inside of the pipes, making it difficult to carry away waste. Clogs and backed-up sewer lines could also be culprits. 
  • The sink takes a while to drain: This indicates a clog. Homeowners should avoid using over-the-counter solutions, like Drain-O, as this can corrode the pipes’ interior. 
  • The sink smells: This could indicate a clog, bacteria build-up, mold, and a host of other issues. Homeowners don’t have to worry about replacing the sink; however, they should consider the benefits of partnering with a professional plumbing service. 

Smart Home Appliances Are Changing Homes Nationwide 

On average, a sink can last 15 years without needing to be replaced. Garbage disposals generally last 10 years, and faucets can last 20 years. However, homeowners don’t need to wait that long to upgrade. There’s a host of “smart” plumbing appliances on today’s market. 

Some of those devices include: 

  • Smart toilets: There’s no need to worry about closing the lid or flushing waste. Smart toilets automatically flush, lift lids, and reduce water consumption. Some even come with bidets, eliminating the need for toilet paper. 
  • Automatic faucets: Kohler has voice-activated faucets that dispense just the right amount of water. They also come with smartphone apps, making them virtually hands-free. 
  • Composting garbage disposals: At Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2020, engineers debuted the Sepura garbage disposal. Instead of flushing away food scraps, this device composts them. Homeowners can use the compost to enrich their properties’ soil. 

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