Check a New Water Heater Off of The Holiday Wish List

Isn’t a New Water Heater the Perfect Gift for a Loved One This Holiday Season?

When thinking of holiday gifts, most consumers don’t think about gifting loved ones with major home appliances or repairs like upgrading the home water heater. Gifts usually consist of coffee mugs or toys for the kids, but why give gifts that the receiver might not use? A water heater might not be affordable for some homeowners and would be a delightful surprise in that instance. Financing the purchase as a group could be a great way to fund the gift without breaking the personal budget. Group gifts are fun because the group can plan together and share the experience. Holidays are about caring for others and showing them that they are important!

Is the Water Heater Malfunctioning?

Not sure what signs to look for that point to water heater trouble? The following are a few examples of red flags:

  • Very little hot water: Most water heaters hold 30-50 gallons of water in storage. If the hot water is lukewarm or takes longer than usual to warm up, that is often a sign of failing water heaters.
  • Popping or rumbling: Hard water and mineral buildup cause a layer at the top of the tank that forms air pockets that boil when water is heated. Popping and rumbling are heard when the air pockets burst.
  • Water is cloudy or metallic scented: Murky or ill-scented water is caused by mineral deposits being expelled by the water heater. The deposits can cause rust or clog pipes.
  • Leaking pressure release valve: A leaking or faulty valve could indicate that pressure in the tank has gotten too high due to mineral deposits in the system. This could be dangerous and cause the tank to exceed boiling point and rocket through multiple floors of the home. Call a water heater company immediately for a water heater service call.  
  • Leaking tank: Corrosion from mineral deposits can rust the bottom of the water heater tank over time, causing water to leak onto the floor of the home surrounding the water heater. 

When To Repair Instead of Replacing?

water heater Common problems that water heaters have that require a repair service call rather than replacement include: 

  • Parts replacement
  • System reset
  • Water heater flush 

As a preventative measure, water heaters should be flushed out twice per year to maintain the system and help it last as long as possible. Of course, if the system is leaking gallons of water or simply isn’t providing enough hot water for the family, an upgrade may be needed. 

Benefits of Installing a New Water Heater

water heater Installing a new water heater will save money because more recent models are more energy-efficient, which is great for the wallet and the environment. An environmentally-friendly option is a tankless water heater. Older water heaters get louder as they age, so a newer model would decrease the noise in the home. 

If the family has grown larger since the unit was originally installed, a larger unit will allow for longer showers or the ability to get more laundry done before the hot water runs out. 

Another major benefit is that newer units' life expectancy is at least 10 years, so, with proper maintenance, homeowners with new units shouldn’t have to worry for at least that long.

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