Growth in Spring Can Wreak Havoc on Plumbing

Are Plants Causing Issues With Underground Plumbing?

Something as natural as rainwater can cause severe plumbing issues during the spring season. Many homeowners have trees in front and in the back of their homes that have been there for decades. These trees are a delight as they provide shade and an aesthetic hard to beat. Underneath the dirt is what is problematic.

As the rain gives more and more nutrients to the ground, we can expect the roots of large plants and trees to thicken and grow. Sometimes tree roots grow long enough to strike water and sewer lines, causing huge problems to the plumbing. Thankfully, there are solutions and even preventative measures.

Thick and Growing Tree Roots

roots The rainwater during the spring season allows trees to flourish, especially after cold and harsh winters. This is a normal part of life but can cause homeowners headaches once the tree roots get too close to plumbing. Tree roots continue to thicken and grow as they feed off the soil's nutrients.

As the roots continue to search and grow downward, there is a possibility they can wrap around underground plumbing or strike through it. Sometimes the roots cause barriers as they get into small cracks and dents in water and sewer lines. If this occurs, homeowners will likely notice a sudden and unexpected drop in water pressure or slow draining.

The Dangers of Tree Roots

draining The growing tree roots can cause dangerous problems for homes because they continue to grow underground. They can invade pipes causing leaks or clogs, but they can also damage the foundation of a home. 

However, tree roots can enter cracks when discussing plumbing and cause low water pressure and slow draining. Usually, this happens over time and is subtle enough for homeowners not to notice. However, as the tree root thickens and grows, it can cause the pipe to expand because of the pressure. As the pipe expands, it can easily burst.

When pipes burst, it’s necessary to call a plumber to repipe the water or sewer line, which can be expensive. Thankfully, there are a few ways to prevent these worst-case scenarios.

How to Solve Tree Roots and Plumbing Problems

It is not always possible to avoid repiping. When pipes burst, plumbing professionals can repipe the area and add insulation as a barrier to protect the pipes against tree roots in the future. Plumbers can also patch up leaks caused by tree roots. However, this does not prevent the tree roots from causing more issues in the future.

Instead, homeowners can focus on using root barriers to prevent future repiping and slow draining. The most common method is to use a spray or chemical that stops the tree roots from growing further. Thankfully, this method is easy, safe, and keeps the tree alive.

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