Don't Be Tricked By Plumbing Emergencies This Halloween

Prevent Scary Plumbing Emergencies 

During Halloween, trick-or-treating is a favorite pastime of families and children. But, everyone has become so accustomed to treats that no one stops to consider the “trick” part anymore. This season is also marked by changes in habits, like spending more time at home indoors, which can cause stuff in the house to start playing a few tricks of their own. 

Plumbing is a treat because it is surprisingly reliable, given the amount of work it does. However, a home’s plumbing is not averse to playing a few tricks of its own when higher demands are placed upon it without proper prevention methods. Here are a few of the tricks that plumbing in the home can play during the Halloween season and how homeowners can prevent them. 

Every Home Benefits From Drain Cleaning 

That gurgling noise may not be from a creepy Halloween soundtrack. It could be coming from the sink drain, indicating that a clog is forming. During the fall, families fall back into a routine of school and home life, separated from summer vacations. Additionally, fall is the traditional season that people start to host themed get-togethers to celebrate. With the combination of staying home more and more people using the facilities, drain clogs, and other plumbing problems are common. 

Before hosting guests for Halloween parties, make sure the drains are ready. Routine drain cleaning is available from professional drain cleaning services all year long. Most homeowners prefer to avoid problems like backed-up sinks and showers because they can cause embarrassing interruptions to Halloween plans. This year, rule out the chance this trick will trip up plans by calling for a drain cleaning service before a drain clogs. 

How to Prevent Clogged Toilets 

toilet More guests and more time at home means more traffic to the toilet. For homes that aren’t ready, this can be a recipe for a Halloween disaster. There are a few things homeowners can do to help prevent clogged toilets. One is to be mindful of what goes down the drain. For example, avoid flushing large amounts of toilet paper at once, as this can quickly lead to a blockage. 

Also, keep all foreign objects except toilet paper out of the toilet bowl, as these can cause problems. Finally, it's a good idea to have drains cleaned regularly by a professional to help ensure they're clear and free-flowing because sewer line clogs can also cause toilets to malfunction. Following these simple tips can help prevent toilets from clogging and becoming an inconvenience. If clogged toilets become a consistent problem, homeowners should call a plumber to inspect for bigger underlying issues. 

Schedule Water Heater Maintenance 

maintenance Water heaters can send chills down spines by failing in the middle of a shower, and they can haunt the family with creepy noises like screeching in pipes and thumping behind walls. Avoid the loss of hot water by keeping up with routine water heater maintenance by a professional. 

Luckily, maintenance is all it takes to make the water heater run smoothly through the fall. Water heater maintenance takes a close look at the tank and ensures that no leaks or corrosion is present while draining and flushing the inside of the tank of sediment. Technicians will also check all valves and the anode rod. The result is a more reliable water heater that will last longer, require fewer repairs, and save on energy bills. 

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