Upgraded Fixtures Are the Best Treat for Mother's Day

Upgrade the Plumbing Fixtures in the Kitchen and Bathroom

Giving mom a unique and special gift for Mother’s Day can be difficult. She may say she likes the same old chocolates and flowers routine, but variety is the spice of life. Flowers wither and die, and chocolates are all eaten, eventually. But some long-lasting Mother’s Day gifts can show mom just how much her hard work has been appreciated over the years. And gifts she can enjoy every day are a plus. That’s why upgraded fixtures make great gifts for mom!

Upgrading the Bathroom

bathroom A bathroom is a sacred place for many people, and moms are no different. Sure, people have to use the bathroom to take care of some of life’s needs, but the time there doesn’t have to be a chore. And upgrading the fixtures there can be the element mom needs to make her days that much better. 

Upgrading the old faucet to a new one can add a bit of class to the bathroom. Maybe mom’s been wanting a single handle faucet, or a spread fit one that provides a little more room between the faucet and the sink basin. A water-saving faucet is ideal for those moms looking to conserve a little water and save a little money. 

Or perhaps mom just wants a new sink to replace the one that’s been in there for years. There are plenty of options to choose from. A new drop-in or under-mount sink can make the bathroom feel more like a fancy spa than the same old washroom. A new pedestal sink is an excellent replacement for the old wall-mounted sink that’s looking a little worse for wear. Then, of course, there’s the bathtub. Installing a classic clawfoot tub or a nice jacuzzi tub with jets can be great choices for Mother’s Day. 

A Kitchen Makeover


For those moms who would prefer a little bit of a kitchen makeover, there are nearly as many options as upgrading the bathroom. In the kitchen, the sink is often the thing that moms look to replace. For those with large families and lots of dishes to be done every night, a deep single or double-basin sink could be just the thing. For a more modern look, a sleek granite composite sink can help transform the room. 

And what would a sink be without a new faucet? The faucet for mom depends somewhat on the sink, but it also depends on the needs of the faucet. Water-saving faucets are great for those looking to be more environmentally friendly. And, these days, water-saving faucets come in all shapes and sizes: single or dual-handle, pull-down, pull-out, or the faucet with a separate sprayer. 

An Essential Garbage Disposal

Speaking of kitchen updates, a garbage disposal is a chef’s best friend. Whether mom does the cooking or not, installing a disposal can provide convenience in the kitchen. They can help prevent clogs in the sink by breaking food down into small bits that can be washed down easily. 

If an existing garbage disposal seems to be struggling, an upgrade can be just the ticket. A new disposal can be good for another ten years and help tremendously with kitchen cleanup at any time of day. 

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