Protect the Holiday Season From Plumbing Emergencies

These Three Common Plumbing Emergencies Could Ruin the Holiday Season

This year might look a little different than any before, but many families are still likely to celebrate the holidays with their immediate family. The most common way for homeowners to celebrate is with large dinners. The last thing anyone wants is for their family dinner to be interrupted by a plumbing emergency. That is why it is vital that homeowners know what some of the most common plumbing emergencies are so they can spot them sooner. 

The sooner a plumbing emergency is fixed, the better chance the family has of finishing their dinner off right! For more information about the three most common plumbing emergencies, continue reading below. 

Frozen, Burst Pipes


Whether or not the pipe bursts in the middle of holiday dinner or a few days beforehand doesn’t necessarily matter. Either way, the homeowner could experience the effects of a burst pipe from the moment it happens. Sometimes, though, it takes a few days for the homeowner to notice the signs. 

Some common signs of a burst pipe include: 

  • The sound of water running constantly
  • Loud banging noise
  • Lower water pressure

Of course, there is another way to spot a burst pipe, but likely not before the holiday festivities begin. If all else fails, the homeowner can check the monthly utility bill to look for an increase between months. If there is a significant increase, there may be a burst pipe in the home. 

Water Heater Breakdown

If a water heater breaks down in the middle of the holidays, this is something that could bring holiday dinner to a screeching halt. Sure, the family can still enjoy the dinner if they’ve already cooked, but none of the dishes can get cleaned without hot water. 

Not only that but if the water heater breaks before the dinner is cooked, it could make it a lot harder to prepare some of the dishes. 

A few signs of imminent water heater breakdown are: 

  • Gurgling noises while the water heater is running
  • Water pooling up around the unit
  • Inconsistent water temperature 
  • Discolored water

If any one of these signs is present, the homeowner must call an emergency plumber right away. This is the only hope for minimizing repair costs in the end and saving holiday dinner. 

Clogged Sinks and Toilets

Clogged sinks and toilets can also do a lot of damage to a holiday dinner. One clog can cause an entire plumbing system to suffer, and without the help of a trusted professional, the family could be looking at canceling the remainder of their dinner. 


Emergency plumbing repairs are a crucial part of the holidays. Without these workers, many families would suffer as a result. Not only do emergency plumbers keep families safe, but they keep holiday dinners going!

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