Start Off the Year Right by Avoiding These Plumbing Mistakes

Avoid These Three Plumbing Mistakes in 2023

For families that were plagued with plumbing problems in 2022, 2023 is a fresh start. Each year has enough trouble of its own without having to struggle with challenges in the home’s plumbing. This year, resolve to make things go smoothly by avoiding common plumbing mistakes. Here are some tips to help homeowners avoid these common, costly plumbing problems so they can start the year off right. 

Using Liquid Drain Cleaners 

clog A drain clog is a pain that can limit the usage of bathtubs, bathroom sinks, and kitchen sinks. Instead of turning to professionals to relieve the frustration, many homeowners' first option is to try a plumber in a can, a liquid drain cleaner. Liquid drain cleaners are harsh and dangerous chemicals that are hazardous to use and store. Unfortunately, they aren’t even very good at removing clogs, and they have a tendency to chemically burn the piping and cause corrosion. This harsh chemical action destroys metal pipes and certain types of plastic, leading to the need for significant repairs. 

This year, instead of ruining plumbing and compounding problems, try more successful methods instead. Homeowners can try cleaning their own drains using classic methods like baking soda and vinegar. However, the most effective option is drain cleaning by professional plumbers. They have the specialized tools like drain snakes and hydro jets needed to clear clogs safely and prevent them from forming in the future. A drain cleaning technician can clean every drain in the home in one quick visit while preventing unnecessary damage.  

Forgetting Water Heater Maintenance 

maintenance The water heater is an essential home appliance and needs routine maintenance to keep it working safely and efficiently. It is also guaranteed to last longer with professional maintenance. Plumbers can catch any issues with the water heater before they become worse and cause more damage to the unit, requiring a premature replacement. 

By investing in water heater maintenance, homeowners can take advantage of benefits like:

  • Increased longevity
  • Fewer repairs
  • Lower utility bill
  • More hot water 

Not Hiring Professionals for Plumbing Work 

Unfortunately, many of the plumbing problems that plague homeowners they bring upon themselves. Amateur plumbing and handyman repairs may seem like they will save money upfront, but unskilled repairs and installations often lead to future plumbing problems. To prevent costly mistakes, hiring a qualified plumber is always best. 

In the long run, hiring a professional plumber is almost always the cheaper option. Plumbers are licensed and insured to protect their clients and have the knowledge and experience to complete plumbing work safely and effectively. On top of that, they have the right tools and expertise to do jobs faster, so this year, homeowners should always hire qualified professionals for plumbing work. 

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Take The Right Steps To Prevent Pipe Corrosion!

Pipe Corrosion: What It Is and How To Prevent It

When people think of home plumbing issues, they often think of the most basic and traditional ones. Perhaps they are experiencing drain backups, maybe the air conditioning isn’t running properly, or something else of the likes. Rarely, however, do most homeowners think about issues with pipe corrosion.

Understanding why pipe corrosion occurs, what typically causes it, how to properly maintain pipes, and what to do if the pipes do corrode are all critical facets of responsible home care and, in particular, home plumbing systems. Continue reading for all of this information and more!

Reasons Why Pipe Corrode

What are some common causes of pipe corrosion? Well, there are many different reasons why pipes corrode. Some are largely in homeowners’ control, while others are more natural occurrences that can be harder to avoid. Perhaps the most controllable factor is chemical drain cleaners. When homeowners flush these through the pipes, they can introduce highly toxic chemicals that can quickly corrode pipes. These should be avoided at all costs.

Additionally, there are several other more natural factors that can corrode pipes. Low pH levels, for example, create an acidic environment that encourages mineral buildup. Oxidation and rusting can also occur in warm water pipes, and if homeowners have a closed-loop piping system, water speed can also contribute to corrosion.

Best Ways To Maintain Pipes plumber

Given all of this, how can homeowners begin to take steps to maintain pipes? First off, one of the best things to do is to introduce water softeners. These are specifically designed to limit acidic water conditions, which are prime conditions under which minerals like calcium and lime can build up and corrode pipes.

Additionally, homeowners should consider natural pipe cleaners that can further clear out corrosive contents within the pipes. Some very simple at-home remedies, like combining baking soda and vinegar, can act as natural cleaners. By flushing these solutions down the pipes periodically, they can clear out harmful minerals and prevent buildups that often lead to corrosion.

Importantly, remember that chemical drain cleaners are an absolute no-no. These can be extremely harmful and lead to corrosion themselves. Using them would put homeowners two steps back, so these should always be avoided!

Replacing Already Corroded Pipes pipes

Ultimately, corroded pipes do occur. Perhaps homeowners have not taken adequate maintenance measures in the past, or perhaps they inherited degraded pipes when they bought their home. Regardless of the reasons, caring for already corroded pipes is necessary to ensure that the plumbing system functions effectively.

Repiping is the primary process by which homeowners can handle corroded pipes in their homes. This process should solely be handled by plumbing professionals, who often have years or even decades of experience managing home plumbing systems. During a repiping service, plumbers will be able to identify the problematic pipe(s) and install suitable replacements. They will also help homeowners establish better, more sustainable strategies to prevent pipe corrosion in the future!

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Do You Know the Right Way to Install an Electric Water Heater?

A Word of Advice Before Installing Your Electric Water Heater

If you are thinking about installing an electric water heater without the help of a professional to try and save a few bucks, you may want to reconsider. Simply put, without the knowledge and skill-set acquired through years of service in the industry, it is difficult to ensure the safety of you and your home while installing a water heater on your own. You will also most likely end up spending more money as a result.

Professionals are trained to fix problems and install equipment as safely and efficiently as possible. Therefore, it will be difficult to do so without said knowledge and skill-set, no matter how detailed a “how-to” article is that you are following. Keep reading to learn more about the precautions necessary to take before installing a water heater without a professional.

What Is an Electric Water Heater?

water heater Water heaters have become a necessity for the modern home. You will not likely walk into a home that doesn’t have a water heater, and you won’t likely own a home without installing a water heater into it at some point.

A water heater is the appliance in every home that allows you to have hot water flowing through your sinks, shower, and washing and dishwashing machines. Essentially, gas water heaters and electric water heaters work the same way.

The cold water comes in through a dip tube, and it is heated through means of electricity in the water tank. The hot water then rises to the top of the tank and exits through the heat-out pipe where it enters the home. This all seems very simple, and at its core, it is. However, the installation process is not as simple.

The Dangers of Self-Installation

There are actually many dangers to be aware of when installing an electric water heater. Whether you are a professional or not, these dangers are ever-present and demand attention for the safety of you and your home as well as anyone that lives near you.

safety dangers

If a water heater isn’t installed properly, it becomes a fire hazard, as well as an explosion hazard and even health hazard. Things that call for water heater safety dangers include:

  • Water leaks
  • Blocked pipes or valves
  • Bacterial contamination
  • Ignition source

All of these issues could potentially lead to fire, explosion or sickness. Not to mention you could potentially electrocute yourself during installation.

When in Doubt Call a Plumber

call us Calling a professional plumber is the only way to know that the water heater is being installed properly. Even if you didn’t have a professional install it, you would still need to call a plumber for a maintenance check-up to make sure everything was in working order.

Either way, you would not be saving yourself any money by trying to install a water heater on your own so it is best to just call a professional from the get-go. Before doing so though, you want to make sure the company is bonded and insured in case there happen to be any issues during install, because as previously mentioned, installing a water heater can be dangerous whether you are a professional or not.

Hiring a company that is bonded and insured means you don’t have to worry about the job getting done right because even if something happens, the company will make sure everything is in working order before they leave.

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