When to Call Pros for Garbage Disposal Repair

Signs the Garbage Disposal Needs Repair or Replacement 

A common plumbing problem that has plagued households for ages is clogged kitchen sink drains. Kitchen sinks have to handle more than most drains in the home, and after too much mishandling, the drain line can clog. However, garbage disposals can help prevent this problem. The risk of clogs is reduced by grinding up food waste small enough to travel safely through the plumbing. However, what happens when the garbage disposal needs service? 

Recognizing the signs of garbage disposals needing replacement or repair can help homeowners get them fixed quicker so they can return to helping the plumbing. Here is a quick article to help homeowners understand when to call professional plumbers for garbage disposal repair or replacement

Stange or Unusual Noises 

noisesThe first sign that the garbage disposal needs attention is a change in the noises it makes. Garbage disposals make a loud grinding noise when functioning correctly, so it can be difficult to differentiate between its normal noise and noises that indicate problems. However, noticing the difference is easier once homeowners are familiar with the sound their disposal makes normally. Here are some noises emitted by struggling garbage disposals: 

  • Humming: In some cases, garbage disposals will make a loud humming noise but won’t show signs that it is running. If this is the case, there may be a jam in the unit or a problem with the motor.
  • Screeching and Rattling: Screeching and rattling noises can signal that something is lodged in the disposal’s blades. In some cases, it may indicate the blades or another component has come loose and are rattling around in the unit. 
  • No Noise: No noise when turned on is an obvious sign that something is wrong. Check the overload protector and ensure it hasn’t tripped, causing the red reset button to drop down. If it has, the reset button may fix the issue. 

Unreliable Service 

Other common signs that garbage disposals are struggling and may need repair or replacement have to do with their function. Garbage disposals should perform reliably for years. If the garbage disposal’s reset button must be used often due to frequent tripping or the disposal doesn’t work as quickly as it once did, it’s a sign that something is wrong with the unit. 

The garbage disposal may not work quickly anymore due to more minor and easily fixed issues such as dull blades or another underlying problem. A plumber can inspect the garbage disposal unit to determine the cause of its loss of function and if repair or replacement is necessary. 

Bad Odors 

smellGarbage disposals are an excellent tool for quickly and easily disposing of kitchen waste, but when they become broken or clogged, they can cause many problems. One common problem indicating an issue with the garbage disposal is bad smells that will linger until it’s fixed. 

The foul odor is usually due to trapped food and debris getting stuck inside the disposal. Food waste can be dislodged from the blades by running ice in the garbage disposal. However, in some cases, homeowners will need a plumber to repair the disposal and eliminate the unpleasant smell.

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Get the Low Down on Trenchless Pipe Repair

Trenchless Pipe Replacement: A Quick Guide

When a homeowner has a serious plumbing problem, such as a crack in the sewer main, they may fear that their yard will have to be destroyed just to repair it. This traditional method of repair has been used for generations. It is still necessary for certain situations, but often there are much less disruptive ways to handle repairs of broken or misaligned pipes. These repair methods fall under the umbrella term of trenchless pipe repair.

What are the Methods of Trenchless Pipe Repair?

pipe As it sounds, trenchless methods do not require digging up the entire broken pipe but use various ways to repair or replace the damaged pipe without removing it. These methods are faster and limit the damage plumbers must do to the yard and landscaping by digging trenches to complete repairs. The major examples of trenchless pipe repair include the following methods:

  • Slip Lining: This method was used as early as the 1940s, and it involves slipping a pipe of smaller circumference into the damaged one and attaching the new pipe to the plumbing system. This method is simple and effective, but the smaller pipe size may lead to a greater tendency to clog.
  • CIPP:  Short for Cured In Place Pipe repair, CIPP is a method by which a flexible material such as felt is fully soaked in resin and placed within the pipe like a lining. Usually, within 24 hours, the resin has hardened, and the pipe is fully functional again.
  • Pipe bursting: This method is similar to slip lining but uses a larger pipe that breaks up the damaged pipe, causing less potential clogging problems.
  • Spray Lining/Sealant:  This method uses modern waterproof sealant to line the inside of the damaged pipe, creating a smooth, non-corrosive finish that can last a very long time.

What Problems are Compatible with Trenchless Pipe Repair?

Unfortunately, not every problem can be fixed with a trenchless repair or replacement. A completely collapsed pipe, for example, cannot be fixed using this method. The traditional methods are still available and work, but there are many situations where the trenchless method can be used. Here are a few examples:

  • Corroded pipes
  • Misaligned pipes
  • Pipes with tree root intrusion
  • Punctured pipes
  • Cracked pipes made of clay, lead, plastic, and cast iron

Homeowners should consult a qualified plumber for more information if trenchless repairs can be used for their specific plumbing issue.

Why Choose Trenchless Pipe Repair?

save The benefits of trenchless repair should be obvious since it is much less invasive than traditional methods, but here's a breakdown. Trenchless pipe repair or replacement is much faster and less expensive than conventional methods. 

Trenchless methods also do less damage to the yard and landscaping that would have to be repaired later. The damage from traditional methods will require even more money and time to fix. Trenchless repairs last just as long and are as reliable as conventional methods, so a homeowner has nothing to lose and a great deal to gain from hiring a plumbing company that uses these methods.

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The Costs Associated With a Water Leak Repair

The Real Costs of a Water Leak Repair

Being a homeowner can get expensive. To cut corners and save money, many homeowners attempt to do their own plumbing repairs. While it is understandable, attempting water leak repair without being a professional can end up costing the homeowner more money in the long run. Water leak repair should always be performed by a plumber, although there are a few temporary options to try while waiting for them to arrive.

Quick Temporary Water Leak Repair Options

plumbing tape Any water leaks should be addressed as soon as they are noticed. However, it might not be possible to have a plumber come out right away to perform a water leak repair. In those cases, there are two temporary options that can be used until they are able to fix the problem.

Plumber’s sealant, or plumber’s epoxy putty, is one option. It can be applied over areas of a leaky pipe and is fairly easy to use. The putty just needs to be kneaded until it is more pliable, then it can be molded around the area of the leak.

The other option is repair tape. The tape is wrapped around the leaky pipe in a clockwise motion, which temporarily stops the leak until a plumber can come out and perform a professional water leak repair.

It is important to remember that both plumber’s sealant and repair tape are temporary options until a plumber comes to fix the situation more permanently.

The Risks of Attempting DIY Plumbing

For experienced homeowners, water leak repair seems like something that they can handle on their own. But there are many risks to attempting to DIY any plumbing situation that they often don’t take into consideration until a problem arises.

Flooding the home is one of the risks of a DIY water leak repair. If the homeowner neglects to turn off the water to the area they are trying to repair, there is a very real chance that a small leak may turn into a larger, more expensive problem.

diy risks

The other major risk of DIY water leak repair is actually bursting the pipe. It sounds counterintuitive, but a little too much pressure on an already cracked pipe can be enough to rupture it entirely.

Then, the water leak repair they were trying to attempt on their own has turned into an emergency situation. DIY home plumbing repair just simply isn’t worth it.

The Professional Solution to Water Leak Repair

pro services As discussed above, while it can be tempting to attempt to DIY a home water leak repair, it just isn’t worth the risk. Hiring a professional to handle water leak repair is just a smarter and safer option.

With a plumber, the homeowner has the guarantee that the repair will be done correctly the first time. They have the correct training and all the right equipment to be able to perform any home’s water leak repair safely.

In addition, they are insured so that a majority of potential damage to the home during the repair is covered. It just makes sense to hire a plumber to handle not only necessary water leak repairs, but also any other plumbing repairs.

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Super Plumbers provides expert plumbing services in Tyler, Texas, and has over 10 years of experience. They have 24-hour emergency plumbing services as well as plenty of routine maintenance offerings like drain cleaning and clogged toilet and stoppage repair. Their respectful technicians always make safety their priority.