Tips For Proper Emergency Weather Response

The Importance of Proper Response To Unexpected Winter Weather

Texas recently experienced its first winter storm in 162 years. Every county in the state was affected by the storm, and a majority of towns and cities were left without power. Some Still could be suffering from power outages and damage repairs. It’s clear that the effects of this storm will be lasting. As the weather warms back up (hopefully for good), homeowners must be aware of how to respond when an unexpected storm occurs in the future. The safest thing for homeowners to do is get in the habit every winter of preparing their home, just in case Texas ever experiences weather like that again. 

Then, when it actually happens, homeowners will be prepared. However, most of the time, tragedy doesn’t strike when planned, so below are a few things that homeowners can do when cold weather has already started to affect their home. 

How To Safely Thaw Pipes

hand turning on a faucet to run water

Texas home piping systems weren’t ready for the drop in temperatures a couple of short weeks ago. It was like the entire state froze up and cracked all at the same time. Homeowners weren’t prepared and didn’t know how to safely unthaw their frozen pipes. The following information is so important for homeowners to know, as it could mean the difference between them staying safely at home or seeking refuge somewhere else during the storm. 

Here are a few ways homeowners can try to unthaw their pipes: 

  • Try to keep the house as warm as possible
  • Add space heaters and infrared lamps to areas of the home where pipes are like bathrooms and kitchens 
  • Let the faucets drip water as long as the temperatures are freezing
  • If homeowners can’t access the pipe directly, a hole might need to be cut into the wall
  • Once homeowners gain access, they can unthaw and insulate the pipe in question

If the pipe is unreachable or causing other problems, homeowners are encouraged to call a professional emergency service as soon as possible. 

The Importance of Emergency Pipe Repair

Without emergency pipe repair, the entire state of Texas would be in another world of trouble. Emergency pipe repair is a necessity when the weather is warm. The temperature drops below freezing, and emergency pipe repair services become flooded with calls. At least, that’s what seemed to happen in Texas. 

Not every plumbing company offers emergency pipe repairs, either. This makes it even more valuable when homeowners actually get someone to take a look at their home during a time like this. 

When a state like Texas shuts down, and virtually the entire state loses power, things get chaotic rather quickly. When pipes began bursting left and right, it became clear that the state could benefit from a few more emergency pipe repair providers! 

How To Prevent Future Damages 

Hand adjusting temperature on thermostat Professional pipe insulation is the one service that would help all Texan homeowners prevent frozen pipe problems. It might not completely eradicate the issue. That is, homeowners might experience a leaky pipe or two, but their homes will be saved from multiple burst pipes. 

Insulated pipes provide an extra layer of protection from the elements while simultaneously keeping the water inside the pipes hotter with less effort from the water heater. Another great thing homeowners can do in tandem with insulating their pipes, it to keep their home warm, and their faucets dripping, when the temperatures drop. 

It’s Time To Call Super Plumbers!

Homeowners no longer have to wonder who they’re going to call when unexpected weather hits. The professionals at Super Plumbers offer 24/7 emergency services because they understand how important it is to eradicate plumbing emergencies as soon as possible. There’s no time to waste. Call today for emergency plumbing repairs in Tyler, TX!