What is the Difference Between a Plumbing Issue and a Plumbing Emergency?

Is This Plumbing Problem Important or is it Emergent?

“Don’t panic, and carry a towel” is often the refrain of a good plumber. Homeowners need to be aware that not every issue that comes up with plumbing is an absolute immediate emergency. Steps can often be taken before calling a plumber and paying for the visit. There are critical differences between a problem that is emergent and one that is just important.

Pipes Breaking: Emergency

There is a sinking feeling when someone wakes to the sound of running water, but there are no faucets on. A broken pipe is usually an incident one associates with winter and freezing temps; however, any extreme temperatures can cause pipes to lose integrity. Whether it is a joint that has come loose or an actual crack in a pipe, this is a situation that requires immediate professional assistance. There are several steps to take in case of a broken pipe.
    1. Turn off the water: If a customer has access to their water main, it is best to turn off the water immediately. This prevents waste and high utility bills.
    2. Call the plumbers: Get the professionals out as quickly as possible so life can return to normal.

Toilets Clogging: Important

Obviously, this is one of the most common household plumbing problems and can usually be fixed with the aid of a good old-fashioned plunger. Because of the importance of this particular appliance in the house, a clog that cannot be fixed immediately feels like an absolute emergency, but rest assured it is not. Because there are no leaks and nothing coming up out of the toilet, it is an important plumbing problem, but not an emergency.

Sewage Backup: Emergency

Probably the most unpleasant of the plumbing emergencies would be a sewer backup. A yard, or worse yet, a home flooded with sewage, causes water damage and the risk of health issues. Just the smell alone is enough for anyone to know that this is more than a serious problem- it’s an emergency. 

There are several reasons this can happen, including: 

  • Collapsed pipe: If an aging sewer pipe has just completely fallen in on itself, it will cause slow draining at best, and at worst, backup. 
  • Flooding: If there has been a large amount of rain, it can cause the residential sewer pipes to drain more slowly or cause a backup if the rainfall is significant enough.
  • Human Created Clogs: Just as toilets can be clogged, sewers can likewise be blocked by the same kinds of things if they get caught and build up. This is a reminder to only flush things that are meant to be flushed down the toilet.
  • Nature Created Clogs: Several elements of the outdoors can compromise a pipe’s integrity. Roots, burrowing animals, nests, and leaves can all cause serious issues if they end up in the wrong place.

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A Short History of White House Plumbing

Fascinating Facts About Plumbing in America’s House

Plumbing is something people take for granted on occasion. The fact that people can call running water with a turn of the wrist is essential for modern living. But water wasn’t always so easy to come by. In fact, the White House itself didn’t have water - even when many private mansions and hotels did. For much of the White House’s history, it was behind the times in terms of conveniences like flushing toilets. Some historians say that the White House was downright dangerous for many years. 

Read on to find out about the White House’s fun and fascinating plumbing history. 

The White House First Receives Running Water

When the White House first got running water, it wasn’t for drinking or bathing— or even putting out fires. It was for watering plants. The president at the time, John Quincy Adams (1825 - 1829), was fond of gardening on the White House grounds. And what’s a garden without a way to water it? He was in luck because the nearby Treasury building had a well. So, an iron pump was attached to the well there, making history for the White House and its first running water. 

Andrew Jackson, who was elected a few years later, oversaw the first running water in the actual house itself. This water was used for drinking and to help protect the house in case of fire. 

The White House Gets Flushing Toilets


The first flushing toilet in the White House was reportedly installed during Millard Fillmore’s presidency in 1853. Of course, this was an early iteration of today’s modern toilet. Still, it was a handy invention at the time, and it was only fitting that the White House enjoy the modern convenience of a flushing toilet. 

However, the bathroom still had a way to go at the time. It wasn’t until Fillmore’s successor, Franklin Pierce, took office that the White House enjoyed a fully equipped bathroom similar to those in homes today. 

More Fascinating Facts


Some presidents preferred nature’s plumbing system. According to historians, John Quincy Adams would bathe in the mighty Potomac River during the daylight hours. Bathing in the swift and cool waters was certainly less hassle than having water lugged from a well and heated for a bath. But, it had its drawbacks. Reportedly, one day, as the president was bathing, someone stole his clothes from the shore. Adams had to cry out until a boy heard him and went to fetch him clothes from the White House. 

The first president to have a bathtub install was James Madison, although there is some contention about this. The tub, installed in 1814, was used with water heated on a stove and then carried to the tub. But, the war of 1812 was raging, and it wasn’t long before the British set fire to the White House. Madison didn’t get to enjoy the tub for very long because of the fire. 

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Protect the Holiday Season From Plumbing Emergencies

These Three Common Plumbing Emergencies Could Ruin the Holiday Season

This year might look a little different than any before, but many families are still likely to celebrate the holidays with their immediate family. The most common way for homeowners to celebrate is with large dinners. The last thing anyone wants is for their family dinner to be interrupted by a plumbing emergency. That is why it is vital that homeowners know what some of the most common plumbing emergencies are so they can spot them sooner. 

The sooner a plumbing emergency is fixed, the better chance the family has of finishing their dinner off right! For more information about the three most common plumbing emergencies, continue reading below. 

Frozen, Burst Pipes


Whether or not the pipe bursts in the middle of holiday dinner or a few days beforehand doesn’t necessarily matter. Either way, the homeowner could experience the effects of a burst pipe from the moment it happens. Sometimes, though, it takes a few days for the homeowner to notice the signs. 

Some common signs of a burst pipe include: 

  • The sound of water running constantly
  • Loud banging noise
  • Lower water pressure

Of course, there is another way to spot a burst pipe, but likely not before the holiday festivities begin. If all else fails, the homeowner can check the monthly utility bill to look for an increase between months. If there is a significant increase, there may be a burst pipe in the home. 

Water Heater Breakdown

If a water heater breaks down in the middle of the holidays, this is something that could bring holiday dinner to a screeching halt. Sure, the family can still enjoy the dinner if they’ve already cooked, but none of the dishes can get cleaned without hot water. 

Not only that but if the water heater breaks before the dinner is cooked, it could make it a lot harder to prepare some of the dishes. 

A few signs of imminent water heater breakdown are: 

  • Gurgling noises while the water heater is running
  • Water pooling up around the unit
  • Inconsistent water temperature 
  • Discolored water

If any one of these signs is present, the homeowner must call an emergency plumber right away. This is the only hope for minimizing repair costs in the end and saving holiday dinner. 

Clogged Sinks and Toilets

Clogged sinks and toilets can also do a lot of damage to a holiday dinner. One clog can cause an entire plumbing system to suffer, and without the help of a trusted professional, the family could be looking at canceling the remainder of their dinner. 


Emergency plumbing repairs are a crucial part of the holidays. Without these workers, many families would suffer as a result. Not only do emergency plumbers keep families safe, but they keep holiday dinners going!

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How to Avoid a Scary Plumbing Emergency

Don’t Be Haunted by Plumbing Emergencies

No homeowner wants to deal with a plumbing emergency. They’re such an inconvenience. Just think about all the ways people use the plumbing system at home: flushing toilets, washing hands, showering, cooking, watering plants, doing the dishes, etc. Not to mention, it can also be a considerable expense. It’s in a homeowner’s best interest to do what they can to prevent plumbing emergencies from happening. Luckily there are a few tricks to do just that. 

Clear the Gutters


Clearing out the gutters is a common fall cleaning task. Once the first leaf falls, the rest quickly follow, and somehow they all seem to land right in the gutters. Weird! Though it does take time to clean, it’s definitely worth the effort because this is one great method to prevent plumbing emergencies. When the gutters become full of leaves, twigs, dirt, and other debris, the water has a hard time draining off of the roof and moving away from the house. 

This can lead to a leaking roof or other water damage on both the interior and exterior of the house. And if that’s not bad enough, clogged gutters often become a new home for pests, rodents, and insects, which can create a whole other problem for homeowners to deal with. So if homeowners want to keep their roof intact and avoid wasting money on mousetraps, it’s worthwhile to clean out those gutters. 

Insulate Pipes

Adding insulation around the plumbing pipes is another great trick from the pros for preventing plumbing emergencies. There are two types of emergencies that insulation helps to fight against:

  1. Once cold pipes are exposed to warm air, condensation forms on the outside of the pipes. The excess moisture can form puddles on the floor, lead to mold growth, or cause other water damage. Insulation prevents the condensation from forming and damaging the home.
  2. As the weather continues to get colder in the fall and winter months, pipes are more likely to freeze. If this happens, the pipes can easily burst, resulting in a major emergency with all sorts of water damage and costly repairs. Insulation helps keep the water warmer to prevent it from freezing in the first place.

Clean Drains

Most homeowners have dealt with a clogged drain at one point or another. It could be from too much hair going down the shower drain, too much grease going down the sink drain, or too much toilet paper going down the toilet drain. No matter what the clog is or where it happens, it can be a hassle to get rid of. And if it’s not taken care of right away, it can lead to other problems, including backups in the main line, causing wastewater to enter back through the drains in the house. Homeowners can prevent this from happening by cleaning the drains on a regular basis. 

Using plumbing snakes or hydrojetting are the best ways to remove a clog in the drain or pipe. They’re highly effective, safe for the person removing the clog, and can clear out the clog with minimal damage to the rest of the plumbing system.  

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The Funniest Plumbing Costumes For This Year's Halloween

Top-Notch Plumbing Costumes!

October is not only the month for thrills and chills, but also for laughs. Costume creativity is not only about the gore and missing body parts, but an opportunity to be as ridiculous and over the top as possible. With Halloween just around the corner, many folks do their best to scare the bejesus out of anyone available.

While vampires and mummies go with the territory, October has also become one of the funniest months of the year. Costumes creators have perfected the art of coming up with some unique and original getups that are downright hilarious. Some of the most hysterical costumes are made to look like the most mundane and ordinary things all around.

Plumbing system costumes can be done with tongue in cheek humor, spot-on accuracy, and ridiculous cliches. In the article below you will find the top five funniest plumber costumes around.

Think Toilet Services

When you think about plumbing costumes, your first thought is probably an actual plumber costume complete with suspenders and an unfortunate view of a large backside. While these are great (and not at all offensive to plumbers with well-working belts) there are so many other avenues you can take.

toilet costume

A toilet, for example, is a perfect way to say you appreciate the toilet service. There is also no reason why the kiddies need to be left out. Take this young trick or treater; her costume a la commode is the perfect outfit for collecting treats.

Mario Was A Plumber

The most famous plumber has to be Mario of the classic Nintendo game Mario Brothers. When it comes to the funniest plumber costumes, there is no way he could be left off the list. There are so many Mario ways to handle this.


As this young woman demonstrates, Mario is not going to get far without his trusted sidekick Yoshi. Complete with moving Yoshi legs, Mario is able to roam the streets on Halloween looking for the next best drain pipe to disappear down to collect coins.

A Baby Can Be A Plumber Too

The funniest and cutest costumes have to be baby costumes. There is nothing cuter than a toddler dressed up as a plumber, toilet, or a small version of an adult costume. Mario again is a great avenue for those not quite able to master the trick or treat game yet.

baby plumber

If you can not tell from the stoic expression on mini Mario’s face, this is exactly what he had in mind for his first Halloween. Not only does it allow him the opportunity to be fawned over by all who see him, but he doesn’t even have to move from his vantage point on mum’s chest; all the better to scope out the best candy of the night.

Don’t Forget About Santa

Santa may not be your first choice when thinking about plumber costumes, or Halloween costumes in general for that matter. This is where you are wrong, however. As shown in the picture *(below/right), Santa is more than capable of wielding a tool belt and a plunger.

santa plumber

Not only that, but Santa has the body of a plumber including a belly made for a full moon. If that’s not enough, there is nothing better than a Santa tooling around in another profession to make folks smile. This costume is also a two for one for those who are planning to dress up again in December.

Dog’s Also Want To Wear A Costume

There is nothing more amusing than your four-legged friends in a costume. When that pet happens to be in full plumber gear including a very noticeable human feature; it’s priceless. Though your furry pals may have no need for plumbing services, a plumbing costume is just asking for chuckles by all those who see him.

dog plumber

Taking the time to dress up Fido and partake in the Halloween festivities will reward you with a lot of great pictures. As this well-behaved pooch can attest to, those who sit still for the camera, and don’t get their costumes dirty, get treats along with everyone else.

Super Plumbers To The Rescue

Super Plumbers are ready to enjoy the Halloween season with chuckles and chills, along with 24 hr emergency care for all of your funniest plumbing problems.

Their expert care goes above and beyond making them not your average plumber. With a dedication to the safety of each and every homeowner, Super Plumbers will not leave until you are 100% satisfied.