Start Off the Year Right by Avoiding These Plumbing Mistakes

Avoid These Three Plumbing Mistakes in 2023

For families that were plagued with plumbing problems in 2022, 2023 is a fresh start. Each year has enough trouble of its own without having to struggle with challenges in the home’s plumbing. This year, resolve to make things go smoothly by avoiding common plumbing mistakes. Here are some tips to help homeowners avoid these common, costly plumbing problems so they can start the year off right. 

Using Liquid Drain Cleaners 

clog A drain clog is a pain that can limit the usage of bathtubs, bathroom sinks, and kitchen sinks. Instead of turning to professionals to relieve the frustration, many homeowners' first option is to try a plumber in a can, a liquid drain cleaner. Liquid drain cleaners are harsh and dangerous chemicals that are hazardous to use and store. Unfortunately, they aren’t even very good at removing clogs, and they have a tendency to chemically burn the piping and cause corrosion. This harsh chemical action destroys metal pipes and certain types of plastic, leading to the need for significant repairs. 

This year, instead of ruining plumbing and compounding problems, try more successful methods instead. Homeowners can try cleaning their own drains using classic methods like baking soda and vinegar. However, the most effective option is drain cleaning by professional plumbers. They have the specialized tools like drain snakes and hydro jets needed to clear clogs safely and prevent them from forming in the future. A drain cleaning technician can clean every drain in the home in one quick visit while preventing unnecessary damage.  

Forgetting Water Heater Maintenance 

maintenance The water heater is an essential home appliance and needs routine maintenance to keep it working safely and efficiently. It is also guaranteed to last longer with professional maintenance. Plumbers can catch any issues with the water heater before they become worse and cause more damage to the unit, requiring a premature replacement. 

By investing in water heater maintenance, homeowners can take advantage of benefits like:

  • Increased longevity
  • Fewer repairs
  • Lower utility bill
  • More hot water 

Not Hiring Professionals for Plumbing Work 

Unfortunately, many of the plumbing problems that plague homeowners they bring upon themselves. Amateur plumbing and handyman repairs may seem like they will save money upfront, but unskilled repairs and installations often lead to future plumbing problems. To prevent costly mistakes, hiring a qualified plumber is always best. 

In the long run, hiring a professional plumber is almost always the cheaper option. Plumbers are licensed and insured to protect their clients and have the knowledge and experience to complete plumbing work safely and effectively. On top of that, they have the right tools and expertise to do jobs faster, so this year, homeowners should always hire qualified professionals for plumbing work. 

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Don't Be Tricked By Plumbing Emergencies This Halloween

Prevent Scary Plumbing Emergencies 

During Halloween, trick-or-treating is a favorite pastime of families and children. But, everyone has become so accustomed to treats that no one stops to consider the “trick” part anymore. This season is also marked by changes in habits, like spending more time at home indoors, which can cause stuff in the house to start playing a few tricks of their own. 

Plumbing is a treat because it is surprisingly reliable, given the amount of work it does. However, a home’s plumbing is not averse to playing a few tricks of its own when higher demands are placed upon it without proper prevention methods. Here are a few of the tricks that plumbing in the home can play during the Halloween season and how homeowners can prevent them. 

Every Home Benefits From Drain Cleaning 

That gurgling noise may not be from a creepy Halloween soundtrack. It could be coming from the sink drain, indicating that a clog is forming. During the fall, families fall back into a routine of school and home life, separated from summer vacations. Additionally, fall is the traditional season that people start to host themed get-togethers to celebrate. With the combination of staying home more and more people using the facilities, drain clogs, and other plumbing problems are common. 

Before hosting guests for Halloween parties, make sure the drains are ready. Routine drain cleaning is available from professional drain cleaning services all year long. Most homeowners prefer to avoid problems like backed-up sinks and showers because they can cause embarrassing interruptions to Halloween plans. This year, rule out the chance this trick will trip up plans by calling for a drain cleaning service before a drain clogs. 

How to Prevent Clogged Toilets 

toilet More guests and more time at home means more traffic to the toilet. For homes that aren’t ready, this can be a recipe for a Halloween disaster. There are a few things homeowners can do to help prevent clogged toilets. One is to be mindful of what goes down the drain. For example, avoid flushing large amounts of toilet paper at once, as this can quickly lead to a blockage. 

Also, keep all foreign objects except toilet paper out of the toilet bowl, as these can cause problems. Finally, it's a good idea to have drains cleaned regularly by a professional to help ensure they're clear and free-flowing because sewer line clogs can also cause toilets to malfunction. Following these simple tips can help prevent toilets from clogging and becoming an inconvenience. If clogged toilets become a consistent problem, homeowners should call a plumber to inspect for bigger underlying issues. 

Schedule Water Heater Maintenance 

maintenance Water heaters can send chills down spines by failing in the middle of a shower, and they can haunt the family with creepy noises like screeching in pipes and thumping behind walls. Avoid the loss of hot water by keeping up with routine water heater maintenance by a professional. 

Luckily, maintenance is all it takes to make the water heater run smoothly through the fall. Water heater maintenance takes a close look at the tank and ensures that no leaks or corrosion is present while draining and flushing the inside of the tank of sediment. Technicians will also check all valves and the anode rod. The result is a more reliable water heater that will last longer, require fewer repairs, and save on energy bills. 

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The Importance of Routine Plumbing Maintenance

How Does a Home Benefit from Plumbing Maintenance?

If there are no visible problems with a plumbing system in a home, a homeowner may ask why they should want to spend money on professional maintenance. The answer is peace of mind and minimizing the chance of a major plumbing disaster. Just because there are no visible issues does not mean there isn’t anything wrong since most plumbing is hidden underground and behind walls. The sooner a problem is found, the less damage can occur. 

Provides Safety, Security, and Comfort

home Getting maintenance checks has many benefits. Regular maintenance keeps the plumbing running smoothly and keeps the household safe. Plumbing maintenance brings peace of mind in the following ways:

  • Catches problems before they start
  • Worn-out parts get replaced before they stop working
  • Saves time and money by preventing sudden stops in function
  • Provides peace of mind for homeowners knowing that all is working properly
  • Makes home safety a priority

Extend the Life of Pipes

The majority of any home plumbing system is made up of pipes. Pipes come in a wide variety of materials and have different pros and cons. Older ones are made out of metal such as iron or copper, while newer pipes consist of manufactured polymers like PVC and PEX. 

No matter what kind of pipes a home has, they can all be impacted by unexpected problems. Maintenance checks can defend against these upsets and prolong the life of a home’s pipes. 

Pipe Problems Preventable in Early Stages:

  • Corrosion: Metal pipes are particularly vulnerable to this. If pipes are not properly secured, they can rattle and move, scraping the surface of the pipe and inviting corrosion. Plumbing technicians make sure everything is tightened and secured.
  • Hard Water Scale: Calcium deposits from mineral-rich water can form on supply and drainage pipes. Regular flushing prevents this buildup and the resulting water pressure issues and clogs.
  • Cracks: Water pressure that is too high can cause pipes to crack. The same thing can happen if pipes freeze. Plumbing technicians can check that water pressure is at safe levels and advise a homeowner on whether or not they need to insulate their pipes.
  • Catastrophic Failure: While there are disasters that no one can predict and, therefore, not all problems can be prevented, there are situations where a pipe may be loosened, or a crack may have formed, and it can be repaired before it explodes and damages the home structure.

Prevents Larger Repairs and Lowers Utility Bills

save While maintenance does cost money, it can prevent the more significant expenses of a plumbing failure. Maintenance also allows homeowners to rest assured that their home’s plumbing system is working efficiently, which keeps utility bills lower than they would be without it. 

Water bills will also drop by locating and fixing any hidden leaks during maintenance visits, so maintenance puts money back in the homeowner’s pocket. Plumbing maintenance can make a real difference in a home’s plumbing functionality and longevity. 

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Growth in Spring Can Wreak Havoc on Plumbing

Are Plants Causing Issues With Underground Plumbing?

Something as natural as rainwater can cause severe plumbing issues during the spring season. Many homeowners have trees in front and in the back of their homes that have been there for decades. These trees are a delight as they provide shade and an aesthetic hard to beat. Underneath the dirt is what is problematic.

As the rain gives more and more nutrients to the ground, we can expect the roots of large plants and trees to thicken and grow. Sometimes tree roots grow long enough to strike water and sewer lines, causing huge problems to the plumbing. Thankfully, there are solutions and even preventative measures.

Thick and Growing Tree Roots

roots The rainwater during the spring season allows trees to flourish, especially after cold and harsh winters. This is a normal part of life but can cause homeowners headaches once the tree roots get too close to plumbing. Tree roots continue to thicken and grow as they feed off the soil's nutrients.

As the roots continue to search and grow downward, there is a possibility they can wrap around underground plumbing or strike through it. Sometimes the roots cause barriers as they get into small cracks and dents in water and sewer lines. If this occurs, homeowners will likely notice a sudden and unexpected drop in water pressure or slow draining.

The Dangers of Tree Roots

draining The growing tree roots can cause dangerous problems for homes because they continue to grow underground. They can invade pipes causing leaks or clogs, but they can also damage the foundation of a home. 

However, tree roots can enter cracks when discussing plumbing and cause low water pressure and slow draining. Usually, this happens over time and is subtle enough for homeowners not to notice. However, as the tree root thickens and grows, it can cause the pipe to expand because of the pressure. As the pipe expands, it can easily burst.

When pipes burst, it’s necessary to call a plumber to repipe the water or sewer line, which can be expensive. Thankfully, there are a few ways to prevent these worst-case scenarios.

How to Solve Tree Roots and Plumbing Problems

It is not always possible to avoid repiping. When pipes burst, plumbing professionals can repipe the area and add insulation as a barrier to protect the pipes against tree roots in the future. Plumbers can also patch up leaks caused by tree roots. However, this does not prevent the tree roots from causing more issues in the future.

Instead, homeowners can focus on using root barriers to prevent future repiping and slow draining. The most common method is to use a spray or chemical that stops the tree roots from growing further. Thankfully, this method is easy, safe, and keeps the tree alive.

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The 3 Most Common (and Frustrating) Plumbing Emergencies

Are You Really Ready for These Common Plumbing Emergencies?

Everyone always expects the worst to happen to others. And while a plumbing issue may not be the worst thing they can think of, it’s definitely not high on their list of things they want to happen. As such, it’s no surprise that most people don’t expect a plumbing emergency to sprout up. And these things often happen at the most inopportune times possible. This is why there’s no better time like the present for homeowners to familiarize themselves with the ins and outs of the three most common plumbing emergencies. 

Clogged and Overflowing Toilet toilet

The first and most common plumbing issue involves an overflowing toilet. Any home’s toilets work very hard every day to safely remove waste from the house, so it’s not a big surprise that toilets will clog once in a while. But clogs aren’t the only things that can cause a toilet to overflow. A malfunction can cause this, too, although it’s not as common as a clog. 

If a toilet does overflow, the first thing homeowners should do is locate the water shutoff valve behind the toilet and stop the flow of water to the fixture. This will allow them to address the situation without worrying about further water damage. Most clogs can be remedied by a plunger, but tough clogs may need the help of a professional plumber who will probably use a plumber’s snake or a hydro-jet.  

Sewer Line Backups

Next on the list are sewage backups. These mishaps can be hard for homeowners to identify because they happen out of sight and, as a result, out of mind. Residential plumbing systems include incoming lines for water to the house and outgoing lines for sewage to leave the home. But when obstructions clog those outgoing lines, they can cause sewage to back up into the home. 

It’s important for homeowners to be aware of signs of a sewage backup. These signs include gurgling drains or toilets, foul smells coming from the drains, dirty water coming up from the drains, and multiple drain clogs. Continuing to use the plumbing when there’s a drain clog can simply make matters worse, so it’s a good idea for homeowners to call a professional if they think they have a sewage backup. 

Broken Pipes pipe

It doesn’t have to be freezing outside to make a pipe burst. High water pressure and weak joints can cause this, as can corroded pipes. Even a hairpin leak in a pipe can cause extensive damage to a home if it’s not caught early. Burst pipes are easier to notice because they generally make more of a mess than a pinhole leak. But since a burst pipe will drain massive amounts of water until it’s addressed, it can do as much damage as a pinhole leak in a short amount of time. 

These three common plumbing issues can happen at any time in any home, old or new. But calling a professional plumber can help get things sorted quickly, which can help homeowners avoid costly damage to their home or plumbing system. 

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