What is the Difference Between a Plumbing Issue and a Plumbing Emergency?

Is This Plumbing Problem Important or is it Emergent?

“Don’t panic, and carry a towel” is often the refrain of a good plumber. Homeowners need to be aware that not every issue that comes up with plumbing is an absolute immediate emergency. Steps can often be taken before calling a plumber and paying for the visit. There are critical differences between a problem that is emergent and one that is just important.

Pipes Breaking: Emergency

There is a sinking feeling when someone wakes to the sound of running water, but there are no faucets on. A broken pipe is usually an incident one associates with winter and freezing temps; however, any extreme temperatures can cause pipes to lose integrity. Whether it is a joint that has come loose or an actual crack in a pipe, this is a situation that requires immediate professional assistance. There are several steps to take in case of a broken pipe.
    1. Turn off the water: If a customer has access to their water main, it is best to turn off the water immediately. This prevents waste and high utility bills.
    2. Call the plumbers: Get the professionals out as quickly as possible so life can return to normal.

Toilets Clogging: Important

Obviously, this is one of the most common household plumbing problems and can usually be fixed with the aid of a good old-fashioned plunger. Because of the importance of this particular appliance in the house, a clog that cannot be fixed immediately feels like an absolute emergency, but rest assured it is not. Because there are no leaks and nothing coming up out of the toilet, it is an important plumbing problem, but not an emergency.

Sewage Backup: Emergency

Probably the most unpleasant of the plumbing emergencies would be a sewer backup. A yard, or worse yet, a home flooded with sewage, causes water damage and the risk of health issues. Just the smell alone is enough for anyone to know that this is more than a serious problem- it’s an emergency. 

There are several reasons this can happen, including: 

  • Collapsed pipe: If an aging sewer pipe has just completely fallen in on itself, it will cause slow draining at best, and at worst, backup. 
  • Flooding: If there has been a large amount of rain, it can cause the residential sewer pipes to drain more slowly or cause a backup if the rainfall is significant enough.
  • Human Created Clogs: Just as toilets can be clogged, sewers can likewise be blocked by the same kinds of things if they get caught and build up. This is a reminder to only flush things that are meant to be flushed down the toilet.
  • Nature Created Clogs: Several elements of the outdoors can compromise a pipe’s integrity. Roots, burrowing animals, nests, and leaves can all cause serious issues if they end up in the wrong place.

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