What Are The Different Reasons For Having a Burst Pipe?

Tips for Avoiding a Burst Pipe

A burst pipe is something that most people want to avoid whenever possible. Just the thought of a burst pipe can keep many homeowners up at night. Not only do you have to deal with piping issues and repairing the plumbing system, but you also have to deal with drying out and repairing damaged areas. It’s a stressful, expensive and time-consuming process.

While burst pipes are often associated with the coldest days of winter, there are a number of things, in addition to freezing temperatures, that can lead to a burst pipe. The good news, however, is that in many cases you can prevent having a burst pipe. With that in mind, here are some common causes of burst pipes and ways to avoid them.

Freezing Temperatures and Frozen Pipes

frozen pipes The most common cause of a burst pipe is cold weather. On unusually cold days, the water in your pipes can freeze. When this happens, the pipe expands, which can lead to a burst pipe. While you can’t do anything about the weather, there are some easy steps you can take to prepare for it and to help keep your pipes from freezing.

Before the coldest days of winter, check your insulation. If needed, purchase and secure extra insulation around pipes to help prevent freezing.

When cold weather is in the forecast, keep your faucets dripping and open the cabinet doors in your kitchen and bathrooms. Finally, even if you’re going to be gone, make sure that your thermostat always stays on at least 55 degrees. Hopefully, these preventative steps will help you avoid a burst pipe.

Replacing Rusty Pipes

As pipes age, rust will build up in them. As these buildups increase, they impact your pipes and can lead to deterioration. The result will be water leaks and potentially a burst pipe. As a result, if you notice signs of pipe deterioration, including yellow water, sediment in the water or leaking pipes, it’s important to have your pipes inspected and, if needed, replaced.

rusty pipes

No one wants to repipe their home, but ensuring that your pipes stay in good condition is an important part of avoiding plumbing emergencies and reducing your risk of a burst pipe.

A Bad Installation

wrongful installation It can be tempting to pay below-market installation fees, but the reality is the only way to get these is through individuals without the experience or training to do the job right. Installing piping is not an easy process, and getting a good fitting can be tricky.

If your connections are not done correctly, it will lead to leaks and eventually a burst pipe. Avoid this issue by only hiring professional plumbers to install your piping. And, if you’re concerned about your connections or notice leaks, it’s best to have a professional inspect and repair the area as soon as possible.

Everyone wants to avoid having a burst pipe whenever possible. If you have any concerns about your plumbing systems or believe you’re at risk for a burst pipe, contact a professional as soon as possible.

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