When to Call Pros for Garbage Disposal Repair

Signs the Garbage Disposal Needs Repair or Replacement 

A common plumbing problem that has plagued households for ages is clogged kitchen sink drains. Kitchen sinks have to handle more than most drains in the home, and after too much mishandling, the drain line can clog. However, garbage disposals can help prevent this problem. The risk of clogs is reduced by grinding up food waste small enough to travel safely through the plumbing. However, what happens when the garbage disposal needs service? 

Recognizing the signs of garbage disposals needing replacement or repair can help homeowners get them fixed quicker so they can return to helping the plumbing. Here is a quick article to help homeowners understand when to call professional plumbers for garbage disposal repair or replacement

Stange or Unusual Noises 

noisesThe first sign that the garbage disposal needs attention is a change in the noises it makes. Garbage disposals make a loud grinding noise when functioning correctly, so it can be difficult to differentiate between its normal noise and noises that indicate problems. However, noticing the difference is easier once homeowners are familiar with the sound their disposal makes normally. Here are some noises emitted by struggling garbage disposals: 

  • Humming: In some cases, garbage disposals will make a loud humming noise but won’t show signs that it is running. If this is the case, there may be a jam in the unit or a problem with the motor.
  • Screeching and Rattling: Screeching and rattling noises can signal that something is lodged in the disposal’s blades. In some cases, it may indicate the blades or another component has come loose and are rattling around in the unit. 
  • No Noise: No noise when turned on is an obvious sign that something is wrong. Check the overload protector and ensure it hasn’t tripped, causing the red reset button to drop down. If it has, the reset button may fix the issue. 

Unreliable Service 

Other common signs that garbage disposals are struggling and may need repair or replacement have to do with their function. Garbage disposals should perform reliably for years. If the garbage disposal’s reset button must be used often due to frequent tripping or the disposal doesn’t work as quickly as it once did, it’s a sign that something is wrong with the unit. 

The garbage disposal may not work quickly anymore due to more minor and easily fixed issues such as dull blades or another underlying problem. A plumber can inspect the garbage disposal unit to determine the cause of its loss of function and if repair or replacement is necessary. 

Bad Odors 

smellGarbage disposals are an excellent tool for quickly and easily disposing of kitchen waste, but when they become broken or clogged, they can cause many problems. One common problem indicating an issue with the garbage disposal is bad smells that will linger until it’s fixed. 

The foul odor is usually due to trapped food and debris getting stuck inside the disposal. Food waste can be dislodged from the blades by running ice in the garbage disposal. However, in some cases, homeowners will need a plumber to repair the disposal and eliminate the unpleasant smell.

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Garbage Disposals Make Holiday Cleanup Easy

Garbage Disposal: Behind-the-Scenes Champion of the Kitchen

The holidays are fast approaching, and with them come many long hours in the kitchen preparing sumptuous feasts and delectable desserts. For homeowners that are the holiday host or hostess with the mostest, they know how stressful all that prep work and cooking can be (even though they make it look easy!). The dreaded cleanup doesn’t have to be such a chore with help from a garbage disposal attached to the sink.

Garbage disposals not only make getting rid of food scraps easy, but they also help prevent clogged drains. Read on to learn tips for garbage disposal maintenance and how to know when the disposal needs repair.

Prevent Clogged Drains With a Garbage Disposal


Kitchen sink drains are susceptible to clogs due to the bulk of food scraps mixed with grease and soap residue. A garbage disposal creates a barrier between the sink and the drain and prevents large food scraps from becoming lodged in the drain pipes. Garbage disposals chop large food scraps into smaller pieces that can easily pass through the drain system. 

Easy Maintenance Tips To Extend the Life of the Garbage Disposal

A garbage disposal will last for years and provide peak performance if it is well cared for. Garbage disposal maintenance is not difficult or time-consuming. The average homeowner should have no problem following these five easy garbage disposal maintenance tips:

  • Watch what gets disposed of: Certain fibrous foods can become wrapped around the disposal blades, while others may make a sticky mess. Never put grease, oil, fat, bones, shells, eggshells, pasta, rice, potato peels, coffee grounds, lettuce, celery, or cabbage down the garbage disposal.
  • Clean it routinely: Use salt and ice cubes to harden gooey messes and scrape away buildup. Mix vinegar and baking soda in the disposal to kill bacteria and eat away buildup. Use lemon for a fresh scent afterward.
  • Run it regularly: Even if they are not using the garbage disposal, it’s a good idea to run it for a moment every two or three days. This will prevent any food particles or liquid still inside from hardening into a mass.
  • Rinse with cold water only: While running the garbage disposal, flush it with cold water, not hot. Hot water will melt and liquefy any grease or fat in the disposed of food scraps, while cold water will harden it and make it easier to drain.
  • Call a professional: If the garbage disposal becomes clogged or stops working, and homeowners are unable to solve the problem, they should call a professional plumber as soon as possible. Repeatedly running a broken disposal can make the problem worse or even destroy the motor.

Signs the Garbage Disposal Needs Professional Repair

When should homeowners call a plumber for garbage disposal repairs? The answer is: as soon as possible, especially if they are inexperienced with plumbing. Garbage disposals are moderately expensive to replace, so if they don’t know what’s wrong, don’t try to experiment. Let a professional take the guesswork out of it. Common signs include:

woman on the phone
  • Doesn’t turn on: If they flip the switch and absolutely nothing happens, they likely have a problem with the electrical connection.
  • Makes unusual noises: Garbage disposals are naturally noisy, but unusual noises could include screeching or thumping.
  • Smells bad: A nasty odor that traditional cleaning methods don’t touch might signal a clog or malfunctioning unit.
  • Takes too long: If the garbage disposal takes longer than it should to process food, the blades might be dull.
  • Leaks: Under-the-sink leaks might be the result of failing seals on the garbage disposal.
  • Jams: If the disposal jams frequently, it could mean the blades are dull, or there is too much buildup inside the unit.

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