How to Deal With Slab Leaks Effectively

What Does Slab Leak Mean? 

When a home is built, the first step is to lay out the site and determine where the house will be located. Most of the homes being built now are designed to be constructed on a large pad of poured concrete called a slab. While the site is being laid out, electricity and plumbing lines are dug and laid into the ground below the level of the future concrete so that they can be protected. Once these utilities are buried, the concrete slab is poured over the top. 

Over time, leaks can occur in the piping running under a home's concrete slab. These leaks are called slab leaks, and they can be more stressful than other plumbing leaks because they are hidden from view. This article is a quick guide to help homeowners deal with this plumbing problem more effectively. 

Signs of Slab Leaks 

leakLike any plumbing problem around the home, slab leaks show signs that they are present. The main catch with slab leaks is that they usually occur underneath about 18 inches of solid concrete and soil, making them more challenging to detect. Some of the things that homeowners should watch out for that can indicate a slab leak are: 

  • Water bubbling out from under the edge of the foundation or pooling water
  • Inexplicably high water bills
  • Mold or stubborn musty odors
  • Hissing or running water sounds coming from under the floors
  • Warped and buckled flooring or wet carpets
  • Water damage on walls 

Catching and repairing slab leaks as early as possible is the most crucial part of preventing the damage they can do, so as soon as the signs are noticed, call a professional. 

Damage Caused by Slab Leaks 

As with any plumbing problem, slab leaks and the damage they cause continue to get worse until it is repaired. Plumbing problems tend to cause other damage when they occur, and slab leaks are no different. Most commonly, slab leaks can lead to high water bills and water damage. Water damage from a slab leak can cause walls and floors to be ruined and allow mold growth. 

Additionally, moisture and water from a slab leak can cause issues with the home’s foundation. The soil under the foundation can move when a water leak forms in the piping under a slab. This soil movement can undermine the foundation’s support and can lead to massively expensive foundation problems and damage. 

Getting Professionals to Deal With Slab Leaks 

leakWorking with reliable plumbing contractors can make slab leak detection and repair much easier and faster. If the signs of a slab leak are present, homeowners should research local plumbers and find one with experience dealing with slab leaks. These professionals will have the tools and knowledge required to precisely locate leaks without excavation. 

Once they finish slab leak detection, plumbers will determine the best method for repair so they don’t have to do too much demolition and can make the slab leak repair noninvasive. Making small holes in the slab for repair or trenchless pipe repairs will make the job less invasive, and things can return to normal for homeowners quickly. 

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