Celebrate Earth Day by Conserving Water

3 Easy Tips to Lower Water Consumption and Water Bills

Water is one of the most precious resources that are available to civilization. It’s probably the second most important thing for human survival, with the obvious exception of air. Because it is so important, each person must take steps to ensure there is always enough to go around. Saving water has lots of benefits for both the planet and homeowners. Conserving water helps preserve life on Earth and helps homeowners keep money in their pockets. 

This Earth Day, observe it by taking simple steps to lower water bills and preserve this precious resource. 

Turn Off the Tap

turn off tap One of the easiest ways to start saving water is to simply turn off the tap. When brushing teeth or shaving, it is common for people to leave the water running. Doing this wastes a significant amount of water compared to only running water at the beginning and end of hygienic processes. 

Similarly, when doing dishes, rinse water is usually left, so soap and residues can be removed. Waiting until the dishes are clean to rinse can save several gallons of water simply by rinsing dishes all at once. For those who want to conserve water but don’t like washing dishes by hand, a high-efficiency dishwasher may be the solution. Water-saving dishwashers can use as little as 6 gallons of water per load. 

Take a Bath


The argument about whether baths or showers use more water continues to rage. Many changes have been made over the years that have tilted the discussion in favor of showers or baths, but the real solution boils down to which solution that individuals can optimize for water savings. 

A shower with a low-flow showerhead can save water compared to a bath when it is kept below 10 minutes in length. Some studies show that most showers are less than 10 minutes. However, many people don’t like the flow rate from low-flow showerheads, so they may opt for a bath. A bath that isn’t completely filled to the brim will likely use less water than even a shower with a low-flow showerhead. 

Schedule a Leak Inspection

Keeping water from being lost in leaks is one of the most important steps that homeowners should take. One of the most significant sources of water waste, even compared to running the faucet during teeth-brushing, is leaks. Leaks that steadily dribbled water can account for thousands of gallons per year in wasted water. Scheduling a plumber to come out and check piping and joints for leaks can allow them to find and repair leaks. 

While repairs may cost money upfront, the savings on water bills will likely recoup the losses in no time at all! When homeowners couple repairs with good water-saving hygiene practices like bathing and brushing their teeth, the results can be a greener planet and a fatter wallet. 

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