Take The Right Steps To Prevent Pipe Corrosion!

Pipe Corrosion: What It Is and How To Prevent It

When people think of home plumbing issues, they often think of the most basic and traditional ones. Perhaps they are experiencing drain backups, maybe the air conditioning isn’t running properly, or something else of the likes. Rarely, however, do most homeowners think about issues with pipe corrosion.

Understanding why pipe corrosion occurs, what typically causes it, how to properly maintain pipes, and what to do if the pipes do corrode are all critical facets of responsible home care and, in particular, home plumbing systems. Continue reading for all of this information and more!

Reasons Why Pipe Corrode

What are some common causes of pipe corrosion? Well, there are many different reasons why pipes corrode. Some are largely in homeowners’ control, while others are more natural occurrences that can be harder to avoid. Perhaps the most controllable factor is chemical drain cleaners. When homeowners flush these through the pipes, they can introduce highly toxic chemicals that can quickly corrode pipes. These should be avoided at all costs.

Additionally, there are several other more natural factors that can corrode pipes. Low pH levels, for example, create an acidic environment that encourages mineral buildup. Oxidation and rusting can also occur in warm water pipes, and if homeowners have a closed-loop piping system, water speed can also contribute to corrosion.

Best Ways To Maintain Pipes plumber

Given all of this, how can homeowners begin to take steps to maintain pipes? First off, one of the best things to do is to introduce water softeners. These are specifically designed to limit acidic water conditions, which are prime conditions under which minerals like calcium and lime can build up and corrode pipes.

Additionally, homeowners should consider natural pipe cleaners that can further clear out corrosive contents within the pipes. Some very simple at-home remedies, like combining baking soda and vinegar, can act as natural cleaners. By flushing these solutions down the pipes periodically, they can clear out harmful minerals and prevent buildups that often lead to corrosion.

Importantly, remember that chemical drain cleaners are an absolute no-no. These can be extremely harmful and lead to corrosion themselves. Using them would put homeowners two steps back, so these should always be avoided!

Replacing Already Corroded Pipes pipes

Ultimately, corroded pipes do occur. Perhaps homeowners have not taken adequate maintenance measures in the past, or perhaps they inherited degraded pipes when they bought their home. Regardless of the reasons, caring for already corroded pipes is necessary to ensure that the plumbing system functions effectively.

Repiping is the primary process by which homeowners can handle corroded pipes in their homes. This process should solely be handled by plumbing professionals, who often have years or even decades of experience managing home plumbing systems. During a repiping service, plumbers will be able to identify the problematic pipe(s) and install suitable replacements. They will also help homeowners establish better, more sustainable strategies to prevent pipe corrosion in the future!

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