The Costs Associated With a Water Leak Repair

The Real Costs of a Water Leak Repair

Being a homeowner can get expensive. To cut corners and save money, many homeowners attempt to do their own plumbing repairs. While it is understandable, attempting water leak repair without being a professional can end up costing the homeowner more money in the long run. Water leak repair should always be performed by a plumber, although there are a few temporary options to try while waiting for them to arrive.

Quick Temporary Water Leak Repair Options

plumbing tape Any water leaks should be addressed as soon as they are noticed. However, it might not be possible to have a plumber come out right away to perform a water leak repair. In those cases, there are two temporary options that can be used until they are able to fix the problem.

Plumber’s sealant, or plumber’s epoxy putty, is one option. It can be applied over areas of a leaky pipe and is fairly easy to use. The putty just needs to be kneaded until it is more pliable, then it can be molded around the area of the leak.

The other option is repair tape. The tape is wrapped around the leaky pipe in a clockwise motion, which temporarily stops the leak until a plumber can come out and perform a professional water leak repair.

It is important to remember that both plumber’s sealant and repair tape are temporary options until a plumber comes to fix the situation more permanently.

The Risks of Attempting DIY Plumbing

For experienced homeowners, water leak repair seems like something that they can handle on their own. But there are many risks to attempting to DIY any plumbing situation that they often don’t take into consideration until a problem arises.

Flooding the home is one of the risks of a DIY water leak repair. If the homeowner neglects to turn off the water to the area they are trying to repair, there is a very real chance that a small leak may turn into a larger, more expensive problem.

diy risks

The other major risk of DIY water leak repair is actually bursting the pipe. It sounds counterintuitive, but a little too much pressure on an already cracked pipe can be enough to rupture it entirely.

Then, the water leak repair they were trying to attempt on their own has turned into an emergency situation. DIY home plumbing repair just simply isn’t worth it.

The Professional Solution to Water Leak Repair

pro services As discussed above, while it can be tempting to attempt to DIY a home water leak repair, it just isn’t worth the risk. Hiring a professional to handle water leak repair is just a smarter and safer option.

With a plumber, the homeowner has the guarantee that the repair will be done correctly the first time. They have the correct training and all the right equipment to be able to perform any home’s water leak repair safely.

In addition, they are insured so that a majority of potential damage to the home during the repair is covered. It just makes sense to hire a plumber to handle not only necessary water leak repairs, but also any other plumbing repairs.

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