Stay on Guard Against Gas Leaks This Summer

Be Prepared to Respond to Gas Line Leaks

As the folks in Texas have learned after harsh winters, natural gas is a modern necessity. Natural gas can cheaply and conveniently heat homes, cook food, and prepare water for washing. As a result, natural gas is present in nearly every home in Tyler. 

Unfortunately, the properties that make natural gas such a commodity also present some hazards. When natural gas plumbing becomes compromised, serious consequences can result. Finding a plumber who specializes in natural gas leak detection and repair can mean the difference between an inconvenience and a disaster. Take notes from these local plumbers and keep homes safe from gas leaks this summer. 

What Makes Leaks so Dangerous?

Natural gas is a naturally occurring fuel that is removed from underground and transported to homes in piping. It arrives at the home ready for constant use. The problem with dealing with an evaporated gas is that leaks can occur in piping that allows spaces to fill with gas. When natural gas is mixed with the right quantities of oxygen, it can be flammable or even explosive, leading to fire damage. 

If natural gas isn’t ignited, there is still a potential for asphyxiation. Natural gas can displace oxygen in a closed-off environment that can lead to suffocation. Natural gas is naturally odorless, but special odors are added to it during transport, making it more easily detectable to humans. However, when gas is diluted enough or a homeowner’s sense of smell is dulled, professional gas leak detection will be needed to help find dangerous leaks. 

Indications There are Gas Leaks Present bad smell

Gas leaks are dangerous but recognizing the signs can help prevent situations from escalating. Some of the best indicators that gas leaks are present are:
  • Sulfur smell or rotten egg odor
  • Dead vegetation in lawns
  • Dead houseplants
  • Constant headaches or nausea when indoors
  • Hissing sounds coming from gas lines
  • Soap and water mixture bubbles around pipe joints 

These signs are all easily noticeable to people who aren’t plumbers. Some of these situations indicate small leaks, while other leaks will be more noticeable. If any of these signs are noticed, one should call professional gas leak detection specialists immediately. These plumbers have special devices that can quickly pinpoint the cause of the gas leak, and they can make gas line leak repairs immediately. 

How To React to a Suspected Gas Leak plumbers

Time is of the essence when gas leaks are involved. For homeowners that suspect a gas leak, immediately vacate the area where the suspected leak is. If there is time, open a window or leave doors open to ventilate the area. Call a qualified plumber for help and turn the gas off at the meter. When leaving, don’t turn any electrical devices on or off as this could cause a spark that could ignite the gas. 

Once help arrives, give the plumbers the full details of the situation. Emergency plumbers can quickly perform gas line repairs and restore safety to the situation. 

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