Automatic Showers: Better Than Ever!

Walking into any electronics store you might be amazed by the number of ‘smart home’ products available. How do people know which ones are compatible with your bathroom plumbing? Or with one another? And which ones aren’t worth the money?

Aside from reading reviews, many people take the time to talk to a professional--which is what I wish we would have done. I decided to upgrade our home’s appliances to the new and improved ‘smart’ models only to find out certain brands weren’t compatible with others.

We returned all of the new items we bought and decided to wait until we had time to research these products. It was a real pain, but we’ll know better for next time!

Motion Lights: Only The Beginning of Smart Homes

smarthome Outdoor motion-sensing lights have been a security feature for a number of years. A few years back, we were introduced to ‘smart’ TVs that were wi-fi enabled and offered several programming options outside of cable and satellite.

Now, people consider a ‘smart home’ to be a home that has any number of these appliances that adjust to your behaviors and wants.

A smart home can be an older home or one that is brand new--it can have all of the ‘smart’ appliances available or just a few--the house can even feature a smart bathroom!

Making Your Bathroom ‘Smart’ With a Digital Shower

proscons If you didn’t already know, the digital shower market is booming! Just about every plumbing fixture company manufactures these showers to sell at a range of prices. Unfortunately, these systems are expensive to purchase and can be expensive to install.

Aside from these two caveats, you won’t find much else wrong with them! Digital showers allow you to program your favorite temperature and preferred water pressure. In addition to this, it can allow you to change the temperature throughout your shower time.

Basically, if you enjoy long showers in the morning that often make you late for work, it would be possible to have the shower switch to cold water at a set time. Likewise, some people find a jolt of cold water at the end of their shower makes their skin and hair softer. This too is possible!

The Perfect Showerhead

If you aren’t sure whether or not you want to spend the money on a digital shower, we completely understand. However, you shouldn’t have to forgo luxury completely! Instead, you can install a new showerhead that fits your needs. To give you an idea of the number of showerheads on the market, here are just a few options:

  • showerhead Rainfall
  • Chromatherapy
  • Body jet
  • Sliding bar
  • Bluetooth-enabled

In addition to these options, you can also find showerheads that have a water purification system built into them ensuring you shower in uncontaminated water.

The Plumbers For The Job

Showerheads may not be considered a difficult installation job, but with more and more technology available in these pieces of plumbing, it is smart to call a professional. Should you be interested in a digital shower or upgrading any part of your plumbing to ‘smart’ plumbing, give Super Plumbers a call!

We can help you from the beginning to the end, making sure each product is installed properly and set to your liking! If you’ve learned a thing or two about ‘smart’ homes, appliances, and plumbing, take a minute to share this article with your friends!